6 recommendations to increase the performance of the Google show network

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The Google show community (GDN) remains the biggest contextual ad community at the internet.

it’s also a value-effective way to leap into the marketplace for awareness and re-engagement.

The possibilities are yours target audience may be found at GDN.

The targeting options are endless. From reaching a whole new audience with attention-raising efforts to re-concentrated on present clients, the Google display network is an effective place to discover the effects you are searching out.

With the inevitable shift to automation in Google adsit is essential to recognize the levers and mechanisms you may manipulate to obtain most appropriate performance.

in this publish, you’ll locate six suggestions to help you lean closer to automation whilst maintaining manipulate over your campaigns.

1. Remarketing campaigns

manifestly, however that is via some distance the biggest possibility: in case you ever see any go back at the show community, you’ll maximum probably see it from remarketing.

Remarketing permits you to load a cookie through the browser of site visitors to your website.

you may then be able to expose advertisements that target those website online visitors on every occasion they visit other sites at the Google show network.

it could sound a touch horrifying, however it really works due to the fact folks who see your advertisements already recognize your brand.

What’s greater, remarketing has been confirmed to offer lower CPAs, making it a extraordinary alternative for advertisers jogging on a smaller finances.

here’s how to set up a primary remarketing campaign to target users who have already visited your web site:

1. set up remarketing and add a remarketing tag on all pages of your web site.

2. Set up remarketing lists the use of the goal group card in the Google ads Shared Library:

Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

three. Your “All site visitors” listing will start filling up in a few days. You may track this at the AdWords target market tab, as described above.

4. Once your chosen list has been received as a minimum 100 site visitors in 30 daysyou are prepared to start remarketing.

click to installation a brand new campaign + marketing campaign, then select the marketing campaign intention. To enable all features, pick out “Create a campaign without purpose steerage:”

Choose no goal to get all the features in your Google Ads campaigns.Screenshot of the author, March 2022

5. Pick out the form of marketing campaign for the display community only:

Types of Google Ads campaignsScreenshot of the author, March 2022

6. Select a target area, language, bidding approach, price range in campaign name.

7. Click on store and retain.

8. Call your first ad organization, set a default CPC bid (if relevant). Click on How they worked with your agency ” within the “audience Segments” section:

Choose from different audience segments.Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

9. Inside the “select a class” drop-down menu, pick from one-of-a-kind segments, such as website traffic, app customers, client lists, and extra:

Choose different ways users interacted with your business.Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

10. Pick out one of the remarketing lists you previously created thru goal institution tab. In this example, we can target “all site visitors”:

Example of selecting remarketing lists in Google Ads.Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

eleven. Click on store and hold to create your advertisements, or skip growing an ad in case you need to do it later.

12. Once your advertisements had been created, they are eligible to appear to all preceding site visitors to the web site on every occasion they browse GDN web sites.

there are numerous useful posts on it the way to optimize remarketing campaignsalong with a way to set suitable frequency caps and the way to screen overall performance.

2. Target a similar target audience

The characteristic of comparable segments Google advertisements attempts to locate humans with similar surfing pastimes and habits as your remarketing audiences.

in case you’ve already installation remarketing, I advocate focused on comparable segments in their own ad businesses to peer if you can boom your overall performance.

To target a comparable audience, set up a brand new display network marketing campaign and pick »just like remarketing lists‘in display network targeting settings:

Google lets you choose from similar segments of your remarketing audience.Screenshot of the author, March 2022

comparable audiences permit you to boom the attain of current remarketing campaigns to attract new customers on your site who have similar browsing behavior as preceding web site site visitors.

professional recommendation: I continually recommend segmenting remarketing lists and comparable audiences into separate campaigns to monitor relative overall performance, instead of combining them right into a unmarried campaign.

similar segments usually have a much larger target audience organization than your remarketing lists.

3. Focus on placements

Of all targeting options to be had to advertisers on the Google display community, the fine manner to benefit correct control over in which your ads appear is to apply controlled placements.

in case you use focused on techniques such as interests or subjects, Google is basically guessing which sites are relevant, this means that there is a threat that your ads may additionally appear on beside the point websites.

Placement focused on lets you pick out precisely which websites you want your commercials to appear on, so this is a safe choice for advertisers simply branching out into display advertising.

To set placement targeting, scroll to the marketing campaign focused on settings for the display community, and pick »Placements‘From advert targeting drop down menu:

Targeting placements in Google AdsScreenshot of the writer, March 2022

you could then select precise placements from the list through trying to find key phrases or particular sites:

Placement targeting options in Google Ads.Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

if you have a listing of quite a success placements (websites), you could start to separate them into character advert agencies.

you may then more correctly control your bids on the fine-performing placements.

4. Take note of cellular apps

Do you operate keyword, subject matter, or interest concentrated on?

Has it been a while seeing that you’ve got tracked the placements in which your advertisements seem?

if so, there is a good threat that cellular video games can be wasting a huge part of your budget. This is a problem that has arisen in particular because of youngsters the use of their mother and father ’cell apps, which regularly ends in inadvertently clicking on advertisements.

How to test if cellular games are a part of your display network budget: Navigate to the display community campaign, click on Placements campaign tab (in the “content” segment at the left), then click on “See in which your advertisements seemed”:

Placement reporting simply helps you find where your ads have appeared.Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

you have got the option to exclude mobile apps as an entire or at the class level. Exclusion recommendations are to be had here.

5. Goal your market target market

target corporations of active clients are people that Google has discovered to be most interested in what you offer primarily based on their behavior and browsing hobby.

This target market is made from users who are you actively look for and evaluate products and services that healthy those you provide.

to peer if active consumer targeting is a a hit focused on method for you, set up your marketing campaign via »pursuits and remarketing‘ tab.

select target groups of lively clients from the drop-down menu earlier than checking what kind of target audience you want to goal:

Target users who are active in the market for your product or service.Screenshot of the author, March 2022

From there you will find many one of a kind classes and subcategories of active patron target businesses:

You will find many different categories and subcategories of target groups of active consumers.Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

expert recommendation: To get a real concept of ​​whether or not this technique of targeting may want to paintings in your commercial enterprise, make sure you goal your targeting of energetic customers to a separate marketing campaign.

Then be aware of the location report to further enhance your overall performance over time.

6. Use responsive display advertisements

long past are the times when we trusted static picture trying out to understand what resonated with customers the maximum.

In truth, Responsive display ads at the moment are the default ad type for this marketing campaign. Additionally, because of to be had inventory, they appear extra regularly than static commercials.

Responsive show advertisements contain a mixture of titles, descriptions, pictures, and motion pictures (if available) that you pick out for your campaign.

Google then mixes and fits based totally on available stock to show each person the maximum relevant ad viable.

right here’s an instance of a way to create a responsive display ad in the Google ads interface:

How to create responsive display ads.Screenshot of the writer, March 2022

The interface may be updated in real time as you add your sources. Google may also examine the power of your ad primarily based at the variety and quantity of budget furnished.

The interface will also display examples of your commercials that have been created in diverse Google merchandise, such as websites, apps, and Gmail.


The display network is a gold mine of possibility – if you use it the proper way.

Google’s reliance on automation can cause or corrupt campaign performance.

through choosing the proper levers to turn for your marketing campaign settings and selecting the maximum suitable audiences, you may have more control over your marketing campaign performance.

it is always a good idea to double-check your settings whilst putting in place your campaign and maintain tune of any industry modifications that can be affecting your campaigns.

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