Content Distribution guide: What it is & a way to Do It

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you may have heard the expression, “The great content material doesn’t win; distribution does.”

this is why in reality creating first-rate content material isn’t sufficient. You want a distribution method to ensure your content material surely reaches its meant target market. In any other case, you’ll just be losing a while and money.

in this guide, you’ll study what content distribution is and how to create and release a triumphing content distribution method:

what is content distribution?

content distribution is the process of publishing and selling content material in numerous formats across multiple channels to reach as many people as possible.

kinds of content material distribution channels

The number one distribution channels are owned, earned, and paid channels.

Owned channels

An owned channel is one which you absolutely control.

Examples of earned channels encompass:

  • internet site or blog
  • email listing
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

website or blog

Your internet site is the primary channel you personal.

Ahrefs customers use the seo gear on our website, however we additionally post and distribute content right here.

There are five foremost kinds of content material on our internet site.

  • courses – sources to assist customers get extra natural site visitors to their websites
  • records research – precise insights and statistics about our industry
  • Product data – Updates about new product features
  • free search engine optimization equipment – Interactive equipment to allow ability clients pattern our paid carrier
  • visual content material – Charts, photographs, and infographics to assist explain complicated topics

e mail list

A subscribe box is positioned at the pinnacle navigation bar and the sidebar of many articles on our internet site.

when a reader provides their e mail cope with, we provide, in trade, a weekly e-newsletter where we proportion treasured seo and advertising sources and product updates.

as an instance, December’s e mail publication featured our new visitors capability metric and a roundup video and blog submit of product updates.

Ahrefs weekly newsletter: Rapid fire roundup for Nov 2021 at top; at bottom, writeup on Traffic Potential metric and Site Audit crawls

Ahrefs newsletter sent Dec. 9, 2021.


Ahrefs has 93K fans on Twitter, and we distribute an expansion of content material there.

We submit article summaries and hyperlink again to the articles on our website.

We additionally publish tweet threads. Each thread is a series of linked tweets much like a step-by way of-step guide.


You’ve in all likelihood heard of leave out Excel, who publishes Excel recommendations on TikTok.

She often earns over 100K performs in keeping with TikTok post.


YouTube is a channel where we distribute video content to viewers and our subscribers.

in addition to tutorials on the usage of our tools, we publish case research and experiments we hope resonate with our audience.

substantially, a lot of our videos are repurposed from present articles.

Earned channels

An earned channel is in which your content gets featured as it’s proper enough to be authorized with the aid of an editor, gatekeeper, or moderator.

Examples of earned channels encompass:

  • Reddit
  • fb agencies
  • forums
  • guest posts

Paid channels

A paid channel calls for fee to distribute content.

At Ahrefs, we on occasion invest in paid channels to distribute our content material so we can reach as many applicable people as viable.

Examples of paid channels encompass:

  • Twitter ads
  • Google ads
  • Quuu sell
  • Sponsorships
  • Retargeting
  • local advertising, e.G., Taboola and Outbrain

how to create a triumphing content material distribution method

With so many channels available to distribute content nowadays, understanding where to begin may be a chunk overwhelming. So allow’s have a look at how to create a easy, triumphing content material distribution approach step with the aid of step.

Step 1. Publish content on your primary owned channel

each enterprise ought to start by using selecting an owned channel to focus on, after which determine what content material to post there.

And 9 out of 10 times, this can typically be:

  • internet site/weblog
  • YouTube
  • A social media account (Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, etc)

The excellent channel for you’ll depend upon the type of content material you already produce and whether you have got the information to create extra content for that channel.

for instance, in case you’re digicam shy, then YouTube possibly isn’t the first-rate choice. You’ll want to stick to writing and publishing for your website or blog as a substitute.

Our number one channel is our website/blog, so this is where we first distribute maximum of our content.

seasoned TIP

if you’re distributing content material via your website or weblog and need humans to discover you, it will pay to optimize the content material for seo. If you can rank on Google in your keywords, your content will get a lot of organic site visitors every month.

for instance, our guide to Google search operators ranks within the pinnacle a hundred for over 2K key phrases and gets an estimated eight.8K monthly visits from organic seek, in line with Ahrefs.

Site Explorer overview of Ahrefs' article on Google search operators

searching on the natural traffic records chart, we can see that site visitors has fluctuated through the years, however the article has been getting heaps of natural visits every month given that December 2018.

Line graph showing article's organic traffic trend from Dec 2018 to Feb 2022

In different words, optimizing this publish for search engine optimization led to masses of thousands of readers. And we did so by publishing and dispensing on simply one channel.

endorsed analyzing: the way to Write search engine optimization content material That Ranks

Step 2. Push to electronic mail and social media

next, you need to get your content material accessible via distributing it on your secondary owned channels: your social media channels and email list.

The reason of distributing to those channels is twofold:

  1. you could proportion key insights and messages out of your content material without delay together with your followers and subscribers.
  2. you could drive visitors back to in which your fundamental content material lives.

Flow chart showing various symbols of social media sites pointing to a center section "Content on primary owned channel"

for instance, we push all new blog posts to our 93K Twitter followers:

Our 98K facebook fans:

"Best marketing podcasts" article shared on Facebook

Our 87K LinkedIn fans:

"Best marketing podcasts" article shared on LinkedIn

And our ~170K e-newsletter subscribers:

"Best marketing podcasts" article shared in newsletter

The distribution channels will range, depending on who you target and where they grasp out online.

Our channels are facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and e-mail due to the fact they make feel for us. We don’t distribute content material to Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok because they’re now not wherein our audience more often than not lives.

Step three. Push to earned channels

It’s a little more difficult to distribute on earned channels because your content material needs to be authorized by using a gatekeeper. Right here are some examples where we (Ahrefs) pushed content to earned channels.


when our chief advertising officer, Tim Soulo, dispensed his keyword research guide, he created a quick, simplified model of the submit for /r/bigSEO.

Tim's keyword research guide shared on bigSEO subreddit

If this didn’t include valuable statistics for the subreddit, the moderators could have in no way accredited it—therefore why Reddit is an earned channel.

The same is proper for channels like 0.33-party facebook companies.

fb businesses

earlier than becoming a member of Ahrefs, our head of content material, Joshua Hardwick, created a video that he desired to distribute to the search engine optimization community. So he showed his video to the proprietors of third-party search engine optimization fb corporations and requested for permission to post in their corporations.

as the content material changed into valuable, many owners thankfully let him publish the video.

Josh's video on finding guest post opportunities shared in a Facebook group

Joshua’s video shared in a facebook organization with 4.7K participants.

other earned channels you may push to include the following:

  • boards (e.G., Quora)
  • 0.33-birthday party newsletters
  • different blogs (through guest posts)

visitor blogging

visitor running a blog is where you write a put up for every other weblog for your industry. It’s a splendid way to similarly distribute content and ideas, mainly if you may get posted on a website with a large target audience.

To discover relevant sites to pitch your guest submit to, look for people who have already published articles approximately comparable subjects.

as an instance, if we desired in addition distribution for the ideas shared in our keyword studies manual, we could look for websites that published articles about hyperlink building due to the fact they’re possibly to be inquisitive about a publish about a similar difficulty.

right here’s how to do this in Ahrefs’ content Explorer:

  1. input a related subject matter (e.G., hyperlink building)
  2. exchange the dropdown to In identify
  3. filter for most effective one page in line with domain (no point pitching to the equal site twice)
  4. visit the websites tab
Bar graphs showing "pages over time"; below, list of websites

encouraged reading: manual to visitor blogging for seo

Step 4. Push to paid channels

when distributing content to owned and earned channels isn’t cutting it for you, it’s time to step it up with paid channels.

Quuu sell

one of the most inexpensive and simplest paid channels to apply is called Quuu promote.

For $50 a month, you may push up to ten weblog posts to over 39K folks that will share the posts with their social fans (in the event that they just like the content material).

Webpage showing three steps to use Quuu Promote

Twitter advertisements

Twitter advertisements can be a value-effective manner to distribute content material. You could research greater approximately our experiments with the commercials in this video.

Google ads

Google ads seem above natural seek consequences on the SERP. This is a remarkable way to reach those who are without a doubt trying to find your content material.

as an instance, we lately dispensed our free seo tools thru Google advertisements:

Excerpt of Google SERP for keyword "free seo tools"


locate doubtlessly lucrative keywords to goal with paid advertisements by spying at the key phrases your competitors are running advertisements for. To try this, plug a competitor into Ahrefs’ web page Explorer and visit the Paid key phrases record.

Paid keywords report results of mailchimp.Com


We lately decided to move our paid site visitors price range, using it to sponsor influencers and thought leaders in our industry.

analyze more about our effects in this thread:

native advertising and marketing

native advertisements are advertisements that seem like ordinary content and appear on famous web sites, e.G., u.S.A. Today, AOL, MSN, weather.Com, and many others.

Taboola and Outbrain are popular marketplaces for local ads.

This coffee corporation converted 10K new customers in six months using native advertisements.

fb commercials

fb allows you to boost your posts to more customers on its platform. To do this, click the big “increase put up” button at the publish you need to promote.

Facebook post of one of Ahrefs' articles; notably, "Boost post" button at bottom-right corner

Step five. Degree your outcomes with gear

The reason of content material distribution is to attain greater human beings, so it’s critical to degree performance to peer how efficaciously you managed to do this. Beneath are some gear that can help.


if you posted content to your website or weblog and optimized it for natural search, it have to with any luck start rating for relevant key phrases on Google over time.

to test if this is the case, create a free Ahrefs Webmaster equipment account and plug the URL of the content material you disbursed into website Explorer. The tool will show the quantity of key phrases and predicted wide variety of monthly organic visits the page gets.

as an instance, our hyperlink constructing manual ranks inside the pinnacle 100 for 365 keywords and gets an envisioned 1.3K organic visits per month:

Site Explorer overview of Ahrefs' link building guide


Twitter has built-in analytics. Just click the graph icon on any submit to look its reach.

as an example, Joshua’s recent thread approximately keyword cannibalization received 275K impressions and 1.4K engagements.

Tweet analytics of Joshua's recent thread about keyword cannibalization; data includes impressions, engagements, etc

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers you all types of valuable insights about your content material distribution efforts, consisting of wherein site visitors got here from, how lengthy they stayed, and whether the distribution channel helped make a contribution to a conversion.

endorsed analyzing: The only three Google Analytics Metrics You need to music

Step 6. Repeat

And the final step is to copy the previous six steps.

you may repeat the above both for repurposed content or some other piece of content material.

for instance, we published this look at approximately core web Vitals. Our very own Patrick Stox then created a thread on Twitter and added the key photographs from the look at to every tweet.

final thoughts

The reason of this article is to percentage key content material distribution channels and insights into how to expand a prevailing content material distribution strategy that reaches a much wider audience.

the choice of platforms you use whilst dispensing content and measuring it is absolutely up to you.

in case you’re creating content material and don’t believe it’s being rewarded, don’t forget this: “The excellent content doesn’t win; distribution does.”

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