15 content strategy myths debunked

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marketers, SEOs, employers, possibilities, and even content material strategists all were taken in by means of content material approach myths they’ve heard or study and now accept as true with.

some humans suppose that it’s all about developing with new thoughts for content. Others consider that it’s a one-time challenge.

however there’s a big distinction among creating content material for the sake of creating it and growing a content material strategy to help you reap your quick- and lengthy-term enterprise desires.

this article will debunk 15 content strategy myths which are flat wrong.

1. Content approach manner content material advertising and marketing

Many humans believe that content advertising and marketing and content approach are the identical. The term “content approach” is frequently used interchangeably with content material advertising.

content strategy is ready developing a plan for how you will produce and distribute content across your internet site and other channels. 

but while the two fields share some common dreams and processes, there are critical differences among them. At the same time as content advertising is important, it’s simplest one a part of a a success content approach. 

In short, content material method is a plan, even as content material advertising is a part of that plan.

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2. Content strategy is set subjects and key phrases

this is one in every of the biggest misconceptions.

A prospect questioned our content approach services. Why? They consider content strategy is only a listing of topics and keywords and don’t want any service company. And we misplaced the lead.

developing with a listing of topics and key phrases is just one small part of creating a a success content approach. 

A content material strategy could include (depending at the dreams and focused platform),

  • clever (precise, Measurable, attainable, practical, timely) dreams
  • Segregated marketing desires to attain enterprise dreams
  • What the general advertising strategy looks as if
  • Who you would target as your customers
  • sorts of content material and range of content you would want to create for respective advertising and marketing channel
  • keyword studies for each content targeting seo and patron journey stages, if any
  • Briefs for content material creators and designers
  • content material advertising method to distribute content
  • content material overall performance KPIs

A sample of what a content approach’s first element could include other than topics and key phrases

So in case you meet everybody announcing the content method is about subjects and keywords, display them this list and assist them debunk their fantasy around content material strategy.

three. You want content method simplest for blogs

this is any other big false impression approximately content strategy maximum SEOs have, and i had that too, which got busted after a few years.

I used to create a content calendar to assist seo, which used to work properly for my company and customers. So I began believing that content material method means a blog calendar.

that is how maximum SEOs or marketers manage blog calendars, such as me (glaringly in the past).

finally, once I began running on lead magnets to pressure MQLs (advertising qualified Leads) and SQLs (income qualified Leads), I had to plan the entirety from the specific styles of content material to the amount of content we needed to devise, create, sell and music. 

while it have become approximately combining my content material advertising efforts with content making plans and the use of them throughout all of the advertising channels, I realized content material method is for blogs and each type of content we want to push out for advertising functions.

Your content material approach have to consist of making plans for each form of content material – be it a blog, video, infographic or every other content type or layout.

4. Content method can handiest help in seo

most of the time, humans considering content strategies are SEOs. Why? Due to the fact no content material method is complete with out a listing of keywords. 

each piece of content we plan has at least some audiences trying to find them at the engines like google, branded or non-branded keywords.

for instance, I wrote a Twitter thread on what you have to write as opposed to “conclusion,” “wrapping up,” and so forth., in a blog.

And because it were given viral, I’m writing a blog on it. Why? Due to the fact someone asked on Twitter about in which she could locate it.

though these days, people could now not be attempting to find this type of subject matter. The next day, it’d have splendid seek volume.

That’s why it’s smooth to get into the lure of questioning content material strategy is for seo. But, it’s not confined to seo.

let’s have a look at how it can be for each advertising platform and now not just for search engine optimization.

content material calendar for e mail marketing segmented from standard content material method

further, here is the e-mail content material planner segmented from the general content material method

I’m now not showcasing the social media content material method due to the fact that’s what I’m going to cowl in the underneath factor.

5. Content material approach = social media content material strategy

No. Content method isn’t same to social media content material method.

we’ve met and visible some marketers and enterprise proprietors have this misconception, mainly inside the e-commerce area, as they largely depend upon social media for commercial enterprise.

whilst you talk about content strategy, it’s an standard plan that consists of auditing, discovering, making plans, growing, executing, managing, distributing content material and measuring its performance to attain commercial enterprise and advertising and marketing dreams.

A social media content material strategy is a segmented a part of the content strategy. As soon as you realize what needs to be promoted on social media, why and how, you may put together a social media content material approach to gain what you’ve set for social media.

For considered one of our customers, we created a calendar concentrated on unique audiences for distinctive structures due to the fact they’ve the objectives to obtain for both audiences.

even as growing their social media content material approach, we separated the messaging, timings, designs, and desires, thinking about the audiences energetic at the respective structures.

One part of the calendar targeted the skills audience on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, who could join up on their platform to seek faraway jobs.

another part of the social media calendar focused the groups as the target audience on LinkedIn who might sign on on their platform to searching for far off skills.

For such special social media content material method creation, you need social media strategists or marketers who could contend with this. However, you cannot have social media strategists create the general content method focused on holistic advertising desires.

in case you still have this fantasy round content material approach, you’ll hire the wrong expertise, in the long run impacting your ROI.

6. The content method emphasizes advent

content strategy isn’t always content marketing; it’s simply no longer content advent.

while working as a representative, each time I used to ask the advertising teams to develop a content approach, they could percentage with me a list of topics to be written and all information around it.

simply, it’s additionally about content distribution. Right here is what your content material approach’s content advertising and marketing/distribution phase ought to appear to be,

content introduction is part of the content material strategy. But if the emphasis of your content strategy is most effective on advent, you’re lacking out on generating content material ROI.

7. Content strategy is not for my enterprise

i discovered this content strategy fable at the same time as conversing with e-trade and SaaS founders.

for the duration of the invention calls with SaaS potentialities, we go through a detailed know-how of their audience, product, and business model. They don’t know what their product should be known as most of the time. Allow me tell you why.

They will be startups looking to solve a hassle. If they’re solving a completely unique hassle, their product would additionally be particular or even hard to be connected with an present keyword having a respectable seek quantity.

as an instance:

  • We provide a CRM, however our product isn’t restrained to customer courting control but an awful lot greater than that for the BFSI industry.
  • sales enablement automation is what we recognition on.
  • Our product is a sales acceleration platform.
  • We provide a income playbook.
  • And the list is endless.

so that they don’t experience the want for a content material method as they want to create content handiest for the bottom funnel of the consumer journey. Properly, even in case you goal conversions, you need a content strategy.

in case you create conversion-targeted content material without the right distribution technique, growing that content material is a wasted attempt.

some niche e-trade companies wrongly think investing in content approach is a waste of cash. It isn’t. However you’re losing money if you’re growing content with out course.

The content method offers direction to what you need to obtain – why, when and how.

The extra niche you pass, the more you need a content strategy as you need exact studies on the way you’re going to deliver your audience into the consumer adventure and convert.

eight. Content method is one-and-executed

Any a success internet site is the result of a content material approach. 

this is specifically proper for web sites seeking to rank nicely in search engines or generate leads and sales thru any advertising and marketing channel. 

Your website will in all likelihood struggle to draw traffic and acquire its desires with out planning what sort of content to create and the way to sell it. 

lamentably, too many businesses treat content approach as a one-time challenge. They broaden a plan, put in force it, after which circulate on to other matters. I might name it now not simply the parable but even the mistake you are making round content strategy.

in case you need your web page to keep performing nicely, you want to maintain your content method going indefinitely. If you lose tune, you might have to invest more to achieve marketing dreams, resulting in low earnings.

nine. Content strategy is best approximately the fast-term

yes, a content material method entails considering the fast-term. But that’s not all it’s approximately.

a terrific content material approach is also about understanding what your target market desires, taking into consideration the whole client adventure, from first contact to post-purchase follow-up and then giving it to them in a manner that’s attractive and clean to consume.

via considering your content in this way, you may create a greater holistic and practical technique that will advantage your business within the quick and long time.

It’s clear why such a lot of human beings are burdened about content approach. I’ve met employers and potentialities who think – “what’s in a content method? I don’t need someone specialized for that.” 

10. Content material method? Seo can cope with it

SEOs are an appropriate humans because they understand how search engines paintings and what users are seeking out.

SEOs are uniquely certified to handle both tasks concurrently. but SEOs also have extra complex things to examine, such as,

  • growing competition
  • Technical challenges of the internet site
  • Google rewriting title tags
  • keeping E-A-T
  • retaining their website secure from the Google algorithms coming each month
  • moving from regular Analytics to GA4
  • Google indexing issues
  • And extra

genuinely, creating a content method is a large project due to the fact the one who creates it has to take into account enterprise desires, advertising and marketing goals, and segmented advertising and marketing dreams to be performed through the power of content material on the right time, right location with the proper marketing message.

omit this and also you’re losing assets on content method and advertising.

eleven. Content strategists simplest create calendars

That’s a large false impression enterprise proprietors have for content material strategists.

they may be regularly thought of as simply calendar planners. Even as that may be a good sized part of the job, there is so much extra to what they do. 

In fact, their role extends a ways past truely setting dates on a calendar and making sure matters get posted on time. 

content material strategists help manufacturers create a plan for his or her content that aligns with their universal commercial enterprise goals and establishes a method for accomplishing them. They consider the target market they are seeking to reach and increase codecs and subjects in order to resonate with them. 

in addition they make sure that every one in their content material is aligned with the overall advertising strategy, helping to force traffic, leads, and income. 

this may consist of auditing the present content, developing or sourcing content, making sure it’s miles designed according to the expectations, optimizing it for serps and social media, tracking how properly it performs, and making notes for the subsequent planning spherical.

12. The content strategist must be in-residence

some organizations have stated this to me and got here lower back to me when I launched my employer.

content material strategists may be in-residence however don’t always need to be. Whether to have them in-house or outsource them, you need to think about the following,

  • What type of commercial enterprise are you in?
  • Do you’ve got large advertising dreams and budgets?
  • Are you trying to set up the whole marketing group in-residence?
  • How big is your in-house advertising and marketing team?
  • Are you able to find the proper skills?
  • Do you’ve got time to do an ordeal-and-mistakes with a content strategist?

the answer to the above questions would help you apprehend while to lease a content strategist in-house or outsource it.

13. Content writers should construct content strategies

“can you come up with content subjects as well?” I’m sure most freelance content writers regularly get hold of this type of requirement, as I extensively utilized to get it earlier than my company.

The notion of a content material writer arising with a content method may also sound like an excellent concept, but it’s not. Here’s why: 

A content material creator writes articles, blog posts, net copy, and so forth. A content strategist is answerable for making plans, growing, and coping with all styles of content material (text, visible, audio, and so forth.) to fulfill the particular needs of their organisation or purchaser. 

content material writers are top notch at creating exciting and informative portions that help businesses attain their goals, however that’s generally in which their skill set ends except they are content strategists already. 

a real content material strategist has a deep knowledge of the bigger photograph of advertising and the way each piece of content material fits into the puzzle. 

So, stop having this delusion that content material writers can create content strategies and stop asking them to do so. It’ll effect your commercial enterprise.

14. You could automate content material approach creation


I suggest, today, anybody in advertising and marketing thinks of automation. However content material method? Sincerely now not. 

some tools and strategies automate quite a few content method activities to streamline your efforts, including:

  • content material ideation through the search engines, competitors, humans additionally Ask, BuzzSumo, Quora, and so on.
  • content advent via AI the usage of Jasper, reproduction.Ai, Rytr, etc.
  • keyword clustering with keyword Insights tool and some Python scripts.
  • content distribution such as electronic mail marketing, social media marketing, programmatic ads, and extra.
  • Google Sheets formulation to automate many mundane duties even as documenting the method.

however, you still can’t automate some responsibilities whilst developing a content strategy, and they may be:

  • knowledge the target market
  • Defining the logo guidelines
  • figuring out the marketing messaging for every content
  • deciding on the form of content and distribution platform thinking about the target audience, their purchaser adventure level
  • creating content briefs
  • Reviewing content and making sure it’s as consistent with the expectancies
  • Auditing the present content material for gaps
  • And greater

content is at the coronary heart of any effective advertising marketing campaign and calls for a human contact to create and optimize successfully. So, you can not automate content material method creation. Live far from the sort of myth.

15. Measuring content material strategy performance is impossible

“It’s clean to song the performance of the content but no longer of its method. How might we recognize if we’ve employed the proper content material strategist without a performance monitoring?”

business owners trying to rent content material strategists for the first time usually assume they cannot music the overall performance of the content material method and subsequently, don’t know if their content material strategists would do any properly. And that’s any other big content material strategy fantasy.

if your content is riding consequences, your content material approach is operating. 

in spite of everything, the content strategy had the content topics, desires, marketing message, systems, timing, and distribution manner that made it force results.

So, in case you need to degree the overall performance of the content method, think of comparing the results of your content material with the previous duration and see the way you’re progressing.

Don’t permit your myths around content method have an effect on your marketing ROI

The reason behind highlighting these myths is to create focus round content strategy, which it lacks. 

we all understand that content is king, but you want the proper approach, method, and expertise to make your content material king.

And these myths are the roadblocks to content material coronation. hopefully, now that these content strategy myths had been debunked, you presently have readability about content strategy.

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