The 8 fine loose Flowchart Templates [+ Examples]

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A flowchart template will assist you without problems map out business procedures, enhance workflows, and even make clear your organizational structure — with out you desiring to attract a unmarried line from scratch.

And if you assume you don’t want to use flowcharts for enterprise, think again. While bulleted lists, phrase documents, or maybe presentations help, they don’t provide the same level of visual clarity and readability that a flowchart does. Especially if you’re seeking to map out a technique with exclusive steps or ranges.

before we percentage the great flowchart templates, let’s answer an critical question: what is a flowchart, and what can you operate it for?

Flowcharts are perfect for defining strategies, and processes are the backbone of a strong enterprise.

A clear, repeatable system has two principal hurdles to a a success implementation in a enterprise. Primary is the improvement of that system, and quantity is getting buy-in from stakeholders on that manner. That said, the best manner to conquer each of these potential roadblocks is to transparently and logically define a process.

Many businesses use flowcharts to accomplish this task, as flowcharts visually outline a system roadmap for a full-scope information and may be easily digested with the aid of personnel who want to recognise and comply with the method.

In a enterprise, flowcharts might be used for any of the subsequent purposes:

  • group and organizational alignment: An organizational structure diagram clarifies who reviews to whom for your team.
  • statistics management: A records go with the flow diagram will assist you apprehend how facts progresses via your commercial enterprise up until deletion.
  • income process mapping: developing a income procedure flowchart will let you shorten the income cycle and boom revenue.
  • e mail nurturing: e mail campaigns are famously dependent on workflows, which can be a form of flowchart that decides who gets to be enrolled in a marketing campaign and when.
  • patron journey mapping: A purchaser adventure flowchart indicates how customers locate you and what their enjoy is like at your business.
  • consumer or worker onboarding: A customer onboarding system flowchart permit you to outline what messaging to send and whilst throughout your purchaser’s initial interactions along with your business.
  • A/B testing: whilst designing an A/B take a look at, you’ll usually use a flowchart to determine what number of versions you’ll take a look at and the ability effects you’ll get.

you may also use flowcharts for QA-ing work, mapping out your profession development, and plenty, a whole lot more.

that will help you create actionable flowcharts to your employer, we’ve indexed the quality flowchart templates for you to download and begin using nowadays to create a higher system in any area of your commercial enterprise. Each one comes with a down load hyperlink on the way to begin using that template right on Google Slides.

Flowchart Templates for enterprise

1. Basic technique Flowchart Template

basic flowchart template

down load this Template

This basic flowchart template is the suitable answer for those just getting began with flowcharts. The template allows its designers to specify a starting point, capacity outcomes, and then the resulting aftermath of these decisions. Because of its barriers, this flowchart template might be high-quality proper for simple approaches, like a simple A/B test.

Who need to use this flowchart?

This flowchart is helpful for the ones looking to design an A/B test to decide the high-quality manner to get the effects they’re searching out.

What we like about This Flowchart Template

The simple process flowchart is easy to use and follow and is ideal for documenting truthful or easy strategies.

2. Swim Lane Flowchart Template

swim lane flowchart template

down load this Template

The swim lane flowchart template is designed for dividing up the steps of a manner into one of a kind sectors. For your business, those exclusive sectors could be time durations, groups, personnel, or work requirements.

Who ought to use this flowchart?

Swim lane flowcharts are in particular beneficial for those who oversee go-purposeful techniques.

What we love about This Flowchart Template

This template visualizes the special process steps that take location throughout more than one teams or organizations.

three. Mission Flowchart Template

task flowchart template

download this Template

A task flowchart template is differentiated through what every shape on the flowchart represents. This layout is useful while multiple teams’ paintings is intertwined at some stage in the manner, as individuals can without problems determine the obligations for which they’re accountable. These obligations are noted in a key on the flowchart for brief reference.

The shapes also can represent specific styles of moves.

Who have to use this flowchart?

assignment managers trying to maintain music of various obligations and their effects.

What we adore about This Flowchart Template

The challenge flowchart visually depicts how various contributions to a product aid the give up end result. Each stakeholder can see how their responsibilities impact the drift of the challenge.

four. Complicated Flowchart Template

complex flowchart template

down load this Template

For a flowchart that doesn’t want gridlines or exceptional shapes, this template is the best answer. It affords the option for multiple endpoints relying on which steps are taken during the technique, and uses simple sure/no answers to power you in the direction of the quit factor.

Who ought to use this flowchart?

teams looking to manipulate procedures that might have various endpoints or projects which have more than one steps and stakeholders concerned.

What we adore about This Flowchart Template

complicated processes may be tough to keep tune of. This flowchart template creates an intuitive visual for multi-step techniques and allows you determine if and while you ought to circulate ahead.

5. Round Flowchart Template

circular flowchart template

down load this Template

The circular flowchart template adjustments matters up with a one-of-a-kind shape, however it additionally offers a distinctive route shape. It allows you define each brief and lengthy techniques, with one of a kind outcomes depending on the variety of steps required.

Who need to use this flowchart?

Social media managers, product entrepreneurs, and content strategists can also locate this template fits their needs.

What we like approximately This Flowchart Template

This template has a purifier look than some of the more complex flowcharts and may be better for visual inexperienced persons.

6. Linear Flowchart Template

linear flowchart template

down load this Template

A linear flowchart template is an answer for while there’s most effective one foremost end result. Each step of the system will both lead someone to that final results, or bring about the procedure certainly ending.

Who ought to use this flowchart?

email advertising specialists and sales groups could advantage from this template due to the fact there’s typically one purpose: to earn one more subscriber or earn one more customer.

What we love about This Flowchart Template

With one singular goal, this flowchart format has a clean beginning and give up and makes it easy to outline a simple technique.

7. Tree Flowchart Template

tree flowchart template

down load this Template

A tree-style flowchart template makes the maximum sense for situations where there are multiple options and when every option has a clear and awesome subsequent step.

Who need to use this flowchart?

For businesses, this flowchart might be best for the guide department — which could use this template to map out responses from computerized chat guide or (as mentioned above) a cellphone tree.

What we love about This Flowchart Template

every motion has a clear next step and a predetermined final results, but you could upload greater than alternatives — that’s frequently not applicable to different flowcharts.

8. Organizational Flowchart Template

organizational flowchart template

download this Template

The final flowchart businesses may want to make use of is an organizational flowchart (or org chart) template. That is an important chart that suggests who reports to whom and facilitates all personnel understand their function in the business.

Who ought to use this flowchart?

This template is used by the heads of a agency and/or a branch to define the chain of command in a place of the business. It could additionally be utilized by Human sources teams to inform team structure and organizational choices.

What we like approximately This Flowchart Template

users can see how a crew is based at-a-look, and can quickly decide who they want to go to for his or her project or to have their questions answered.

Now that we’ve shared the pleasant flowchart templates, it’s time to look at them in movement.

Flowchart Examples for commercial enterprise

1. Fundamental manner Flowchart instance

flowchart example: basic a/b test

This template visualizes how a person touring a corporation’s touchdown page ought to convert and become a lead. Notice how there are two capability final results, but due to this chart’s simplicity, you may add as many effects as you want. With a flowchart like this, it’s crucial to have clear, described dreams in mind.

2. Swimlane Flowchart example

flowchart example: customer onboarding swimlane

In the instance above, the swimlanes are divided by way of department to demonstrate the manner of the purchaser adventure. That is fantastically crucial for figuring out which teams want to have interaction with a patron and whilst. With out a swimlane flowchart outlining these roles, your clients’ revel in with your enterprise can seem haphazard and poorly deliberate.

3. Challenge Flowchart instance

flowchart example: landing page task flowchart

In the example above, the exclusive shapes represent the start of, end of, and actions taken throughout the method of viewing a touchdown web page. This task flowchart instance follows an “if this, then that” format, showing the numerous outcomes that might occur while a ability patron visits a touchdown web page.

four. Complex Flowchart instance

The 8 Best Free Flowchart Templates + Examples -final-Feb-19-2021-03-40-38-78-PM

The above hiring visual is an example of a complex flowchart that has diverse events and capacity consequences. It money owed for two capacity effects at each degree, and shows with readability what happens as a candidate actions ahead. The colors also make it clean which one is the effective final outcome and which of them are the poor very last effects.

5. Circular Flowchart example

flowchart example: social media circular flowchart

In the instance above, a round flowchart is used as a selection-making framework. Here, it’s used to assist a social media manager determine which site ought to be used to submit content material on. It consists of unique, centered questions that determine the property the social media supervisor desires to create, and which social systems those property are high-quality desirable for.

6. Linear Flowchart instanceflowchart example: linear email nurturing flowchart

A linear flowchart can be used for procedures that have most effective one favored final results. In the above example, it’s for an electronic mail nurturing sequence. Within the photograph, the manner ends whether or not someone symptoms up for an event or not. A time-certain (or finite) e-mail nurturing collection is particularly a very good in shape for these kinds of flowcharts. For continuous e mail marketing campaigns, you might need a extra agile flowchart where you could decide while to move a subscriber to some other email list.

7. Tree Flowchart example

flowchart example: phone tree flowchart

on this tree flowchart instance, a commercial enterprise depicts the various options and subsequent steps a caller can take when contacting them through smartphone. Word that there are various end factors for the consumer relying on their preceding movement. A flowchart like that is useful in case you’re looking to define a system with one-of-a-kind “branches.” for example, you would possibly create a touchdown web page flowchart that determines which form or CTA is depicted to a customer primarily based on their previous hobby on your website.

8. Organizational Flowchart instance

flowchart example: organizational chart

whilst no longer exactly procedural, this visualization facilitates the ones in the enterprise quick recognize who reports to whom and who’s answerable for what. The great a part of this case is that it can be as a detailed or as simple as you’d adore it to be; you may cross right down to your junior individual contributors or clearly outline your management map.

the use of business Flowchart Templates

commercial enterprise flowchart templates are the fastest and easiest way to construct flowcharts. All the above templates are downloadable and are completely customizable on the subject of shape, layout, coloration, and imagery. Click on beneath to download the templates for free to better illustrate and speak tactics for your organisation.

Editor’s be aware: This submit changed into at the start published in July 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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