Why search Console query reviews Are Inconsistent

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Google’s John Mueller replied a question approximately discrepancies in seek Console seek reviews. John defined why page- and placement-stage reports can record a exclusive range of search queries than a seek console question report.

Inconsistency in search Console question reports

The questioner wanted to verify whether the anonymised queries had been the motive for the discrepancy in the stated search query information.

The person asked:

“In seek Console, once I view a page file, I click one web page that has 241 clicks.

I click on the query document and the variety of queries is 148.

do we attribute this to the anonymized queries cited in the assist center? ”

Google’s John Mueller answers a seek Console question

John Mueller answered:

“It absolutely came to our notice then. While you look at the web page level, we can display you all of the information within the search Console.

And this is because there’s nothing unique about man or woman site requirements.

but in terms of queries, there are queries that have very confined use.

and also you wouldn’t always display them in the seek Console.

which means that when you study the document, you’ll see a number at the pinnacle of the report on one facet that asserts overall impressions or total clicks. 30:40

you may see individual impressions and clicks for each individual query.

And every so often while you add up the table, it doesn’t in shape.

And that’s essentially because we miss those queries which can be sort of anonymized queries.

And those are the variations you will see there.

So if you observe the web page stage at the search Console, you will see slightly exclusive numbers than on the query degree.

And at the query stage, while you simply take a look at the table, you can see slightly one-of-a-kind numbers than the precis on the top.

And from our factor of view, in case you need to observe person queries, then question-stage records is sincerely beneficial.

but in case you need to peer the entire picture of your website’s impressions, then you sort of want to see outcomes at the web page or web site degree and use that to tune traits and modifications through the years. “

Anonymized queries

Google does no longer expose sure search queries that can comprise “ppersonal or touchy statistics.

Google helping documentation does now not say which information is personal or sensitive.

Webmaster assist subject matter of discussion started out via a person who stated that 90% of queries are anonymized, he noticed that many queries on the website contain a person’s call. This dialogue recommendations at one form of question that can be anonymized, a search question with a person’s name.

Google docs states that queries containing private or sensitive facts are anonymous.

Google guide page explains:

“Very uncommon queries (referred to as anonymized queries) are not shown in these results to defend the privacy of the consumer querying.”

someplace else on the identical seek Console guide page, Google states that the document won’t song queries that are not completed very regularly.

“for instance, we may not comply with certain inquiries that are made very now and again, or those who include personal or touchy statistics.”


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Why search Console question reviews don’t match

See how John Mueller replied the question at 29:forty seven


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