Yoast WordPress seo bug creates replica sitemaps

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a pointy search marketer noticed that Yoast changed into growing duplicate sitemaps. It isn’t regarded how lengthy this has been happening, however the head of search engine optimization at Yoast admitted the error and mentioned that Yoast is aware about the trouble and says he’s running on a restoration.

whilst this reproduction Sitemap mistakes changed into located, checking different seo plug-ins confirmed that a similar hassle happens with other plug-ins, however it isn’t endemic for all seo plug-ins.

Yoast seo Sitemap errors Discovery

Brenda Malone (COM)@_brendamalone) observed the error and tweeted to Yoast approximately it:

a person from Yoast replied that they knew about the error and marked it internally to correct it:

Sitemap Yoast seo

The Yoast seo Sitemap feature routinely creates a Sitemap for one-of-a-kind kinds of posts.

site maps

as an example, a Sitemap web site for pages will publish a Sitemap URL consisting of this:

/web page-sitemap.Xml

publish Sitemaps

a website that doesn’t have hundreds of posts may have a sitemap like this:


a site with many posts can publish sitemaps that appear to be this:


duplicate Sitemap Yoast error

Yoast has additionally been determined to create replica sitemaps.

a site that has handiest one Sitemap in step with “web page” may have the following Sitemaps:

mistakes Sitemaps Yoast “page”.

authentic Sitemap:

/web page-sitemap.Xml

reproduction Sitemap Pages:


/web page-sitemap1.Xml

Yoast “Publishing” Sitemap errors.

a site that has handiest one sitemap may have the following sitemap:

original website online map for publication:

/put up-sitemap.Xml

replica Sitemaps “publish”:



greater maps of Yoast web sites for posts

a site with a couple of sitemap maps presentations the mistake in another way.

as an instance, if a domain has hundreds of posts and calls for 3 Sitemaps, their Sitemaps might appear to be this:

unique Sitemaps:


but with the Yoast Sitemap mistakes, they now have additional Sitemaps which can be duplicates of the primary Sitemap.

So in the example above, this is the first sitemap: /publish-sitemap1.Xml

these are replica town maps of the unique first city map:



mistakes map of Yoast is live on Yoast.Com

the mistake can be visible on any web page that makes use of the Yoast search engine optimization WordPress plugin, together with Yoast itself.

those URLs cause the identical maps of Yoast XML sites:

Https://yoast.Com/put up-sitemap1.Xml

The map blunders isn’t always constrained to Yoast

What’s really bizarre is that this town map blunders isn’t limited to Yoast.

A comparable flaw can be found in many other seo plugins (however now not all).

It’s type of weird that greater seo plugins might display comparable behavior regarding an errors.

It should be mentioned that plug-in makers are bound with the aid of the open supply WordPress license, which dictates that WordPress plug-ins and topics be taken into consideration derivative works. That is a protracted-standing question that was once explained Matt Mullenweg by myself in 2015.

Matt wrote:

“WordPress is below a license referred to as the GPL, which essentially says you could do some thing you need with the software, but if you’re dispensing changes or growing derivative works, they should be under the GPL as nicely. Think of it as a creative Commons Sharealike license.

inside the past, human beings weren’t certain if WordPress themes were derivative works and in the event that they had to be GPLs. In 2009, we received an outside criminal opinion that clarified the matter, pronouncing that Hypertext Preprocessor in subjects have to genuinely be GPL, and optionally available for CSS and photos. Basically, anyone in the WP network went full GPL, every so often referred to as one hundred% GPL, for all the files had to run their theme (Hypertext Preprocessor, JS, CSS, paintings). ”

So it may be that some approaches to growing a Sitemap are open supply and available to all search engine optimization plug-in corporations, which may explain why other seo plug-ins comprise the same or comparable insects as Yoast.

Sitemap mistakes affects different search engine optimization plugins

This Sitemap error doesn’t simply have an effect on Yoast and Rank Math. It also influences other search engine optimization plugins.

this mistake has been showed on the subsequent seo plug-ins:

  • Rank Math seo Plugin
  • SEOPress WordPress seo Plugin
  • AllineOneSEO WordPress search engine optimization Plugin


in case your SEOPress Sitemap starts offevolved as follows:


Duplicates had been created on these URLs:


AllineOneSEO WordPress seo Plugin

in case your AIOSEO plug-in generates this URL for Sitemap Maps:


It additionally creates these:


The above additionally applies to the Rank Math plug-in.

WordPress Sitemap errors are not anywhere

Brenda Malone researched this trouble and said that some seo plugins do not appear to comprise this mistake.

the subsequent seo plugins create Sitemaps correctly:

  • seo ultimate seasoned WordPress Plugin
  • narrow seo
  • Squirrly search engine optimization

How huge a hassle is that?

high-quality practice for search engine optimization is to make things easier for search engines like google and yahoo.

The extra mistakes brought, the much more likely search engine bots are to encounter mistakes and create unforeseen problems, specifically if this trouble is followed with the aid of different errors on the web site.

The importance of search engine optimization is seo. The simpler it’s far to permit a seek engine to go looking and discover websites, the higher it’s miles for search engine optimization.

errors are the other of optimization. The greater errors a website creates, the less it is optimized.

As a ways as seo is involved, it could be argued that we minimize the impact of these mistakes and say that sure, a website can limp and function generally regardless of these errors.

however mistakes are still the opposite of seo.

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