The entire manual to content Repurposing

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Your content isn’t “one and achieved” when published.

You’ve spent a lot time growing that piece of content. So it makes sense to get as a great deal mileage as you can out of every piece you create.

How do you do this? Content repurposing.

on this publish, you’ll learn the following:

what’s content repurposing?

content material repurposing is while you discover a new use for all or parts of your existing content material. It normally entails changing up the layout of the content material, e.G., from a video to a weblog put up.

Why have to you repurpose content material?

right here are three motives why you should repurpose your content material:

1. It’s green

You don’t constantly have to create every piece of content from scratch. Not simplest is it time-eating, however it also makes it difficult to scale up your content material advent.

alternatively, take benefit of what you’ve already created. You’ve positioned in the difficult work to create that piece of content, so make full use of it.

Remix and reformat it for unique channels.

2. It lets in you to reach audiences who prefer distinct formats

all of us have one-of-a-kind tastes.

There are a few folks that choose analyzing. Others decide upon looking, whilst the relaxation decide on listening.

converting your content material into unique codecs permits you to attain these distinct sets of audiences.

3. It offers your present content material a new rent of life

In 2017, we posted this put up on how lengthy it takes to rank on Google. Years later, we turned it into a Twitter thread:

We didn’t rerun the study. Neither did we update nor refresh the content. Nothing turned into modified. However it regained new existence when it turned into changed into a Twitter thread.

content material discovery is a perpetual problem. If your posts are not ranking on Google, the possibilities of them being “rediscovered” are low. But they’re probable nevertheless correct portions of content material. They’re just below-observed.

So while you turn your content material into new formats on different platforms, you assist other human beings rediscover your older content material.

Which content should you repurpose?

there’s no “one piece of content material” you should repurpose. It subsequently depends for your desires and strategy.

but, content material repurposing does require a few paintings. It’s now not a one-to-one conversion—you have to count on to perform a little rewriting or enhancing so that the content material suits the new format and platform.

professional “repurposers” like GaryVee have a group in the back of them. They’re not going about it alone. That also approach that if you are doing it on my own, you will now not be able to repurpose every single piece of content material.

Translation: You need to prioritize.

a good way to do this is to study what the platform needs and repurpose content material in particular for it. As an instance, suppose you need to repurpose one among your weblog posts right into a YouTube video.

as opposed to selecting at will, find out what subjects people are looking for on YouTube. Then locate the first-class-suit weblog put up for that topic and repurpose it for this reason. We’ll cross into extra element on how to achieve this shortly.

rather, you can absolutely find your first-rate-acting portions and repurpose them. In spite of everything, in the event that they’re doing properly on one channel, there is a better probability they’ll also do well on any other.

this could be as easy as seeing which of your movies on YouTube have the most perspectives:

Two rows of Ahrefs' YouTube videos in grid format

you can also enter your internet site into Ahrefs’ web page Explorer and go to the pinnacle pages report to look which of your pages get the most search traffic:

List of URLs with corresponding data on traffic and value

content material repurposing ideas

ready to repurpose your content material? Right here are some thoughts you can do not forget:

1. Turn your weblog submit right into a video (and vice versa)

We regularly try this at Ahrefs. As an instance, our blog publish on influencer advertising and marketing became repurposed right into a video.

Excerpt of Ahrefs' YouTube video and Ahrefs' blog article on influencer marketing

this is bidirectional. We also turn our motion pictures into blog posts. As an example, this weblog submit on associate advertising turned into created using content material in our video.

As referred to in advance, this is not executed randomly. To discern out which content material we need to repurpose, we first find out which topics human beings are searching for. Here’s how we do it for YouTube:

  1. visit Ahrefs’ key phrases Explorer
  2. choose YouTube
  3. enter a few applicable key phrases (e.G., seo, advertising, and many others)
  4. go to the Matching phrases report

List of keywords with corresponding data on volume and GV

Eyeball the record and notice if there are any topics that in shape an present blog put up you have got. As an instance, we can see that the time period “influencer advertising and marketing” receives round 1,500 month-to-month searches on YouTube—precisely the purpose why we repurposed the blog submit into a video.

Excerpt of list of keywords showing the keyword "influencer marketing" gets quite a bit of monthly searches on YouTube

in case you’re doing it the alternative way round—turning a video right into a blog post—then comply with the same steps however switch the search engine to Google.

Search engine changed to "Google" in search bar

Likewise, look through the record and see if there are any topics that healthy an current video.

2. Repurpose your motion pictures into a path

most of your content material is probably posted chronologically. But chronology isn’t always a first-rate manner to devour content material.

So why now not organize portions of content material in a logical manner and turn them right into a path?

as an instance, our seo education path is a sequence of YouTube movies neatly arranged into more than one modules.

Table of contents of the various modules and courses

Likewise, our “a way to use Ahrefs” course is made up of in-app tutorials that exist already inside our reports.

How do you already know what publications to create? Here’s how:

  1. go to Ahrefs’ keywords Explorer
  2. input a few applicable key phrases (e.G., search engine optimization, advertising, and so forth)
  3. visit the Matching terms file
  4. within the include box, input terms like “path,” “academy,” “training,” and many others
  5. pick Any word
List of keywords with corresponding data like KD, volume, etc

leaf through the report and spot if there are any guides you can create by repurposing your content material.

3. Flip your blog posts into a book

What’s the written version of a route? A ebook!

Likewise, you may assemble and organize your blog posts and flip them into a e-book. This could stay on your website online definitely as an e-book. Or you could even go big and publish it as an real paperback.

that is what CoSchedule did.

Book cover of "How To Get Started With Agile Marketing And Do Better Work"

the problem, but, is that e-book discovery has no longer kept up with the times. So even after repurposing, you’ll want to sell your e-book.

One way to do that is to locate sites that collate lists of the nice books to your niche and get your book stated.

right here’s how to locate these web sites:

  1. visit Ahrefs’ content material Explorer
  2. search for “best [topic] books”
  3. Set the live/broken filter out to stay best (you need to be blanketed, so the web page needs to be live)
  4. test One page consistent with area (you don’t want to attain out to the same website greater than once)
  5. kind the effects by using page visitors to prioritize your efforts
Content Explorer search results with filters applied

undergo the listing and notice if your book is a great suit for any of these pages.

four. Turn your motion pictures into multiple short-form movies

With the recognition of TikTok, short-form films are a rising format. Even YouTube is getting into on the sport with #shorts.

One row of YouTube Shorts in grid format

when you have an current video, it makes perfect feel to divide and flip it into multiple shorter movies. You can then republish them on facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Reels, or whilst YouTube shorts or TikTok motion pictures.

for instance, this 1 ½ minute video on Twitter become firstly part of an extended YouTube video we posted.


5. Turn your weblog posts into visitor posts

We spend pretty a chunk of time getting to know each blog publish. A few posts are so comprehensive that they span a few chapters:

List of chapters on link building

each bankruptcy can without difficulty be a blog publish on its personal.

So right here’s the idea: Why now not flip each of these chapters into a visitor publish for different web sites? Not only is it efficient—you’ve finished the studies in the end—but you furthermore mght get extra publicity, referral traffic and, higher, a hyperlink back to your very own website online. (And links are an critical ranking factor for ranking higher on Google.)

We name this idea the “Splintering technique”:

  1. Write an top notch, targeted piece of content for your blog
  2. smash it into “splinters” and put up every one as a visitor article to some other blog
On left, long list of paper partially chopped up. In the middle, an axe. On right, three separate pieces of paper

you may even move similarly by changing the angle for each topic. For example, chapter 2 on “how to build hyperlinks” can easily be converted into more than one blog posts:

  • the way to construct hyperlinks for startups
  • the way to build links for nonprofits
  • a way to build links for ecommerce businesses
  • how to build hyperlinks for nearby groups

And so on.

We time period this the “perspective approach”:

Topic "future of link building for" branches out to five different entities

This idea isn’t “new.” It’s used substantially within the world of book publishing. See, as an instance, the books written by using commercial enterprise guru Eliyahu Goldratt:

List of business novels on a Wiki page

It’s essentially Eliyahu’s well-known principle of Constraints version implemented to exclusive perspectives.

With a gaggle of content you can “splinter” off, how do you locate web sites you can pitch to? Right here’s how:

  1. go to Ahrefs’ content material Explorer
  2. look for phrases applicable on your area of interest (e.G., keto)

Then, set these filters:

  1. check One web page per domain 
  2. test Exclude subdomains
  3. test Exclude homepages
  4. Set stay/damaged filter to simplest live
  5. Language clear out to English (or language you write in)
Content Explorer search results with filters applied

If the list is still too massive to manage, you may set extra filters (e.G., area score) to slim it down to the excellent web sites.

since those sites cover topics similar to yours, they’re in all likelihood to simply accept your guest post pitch. locate the website owner’s or editor’s electronic mail, reach out, and pitch them your topics.

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6. Flip your weblog submit into Twitter threads

each time we post a publish, we encourage every character writer to repurpose their content material right into a Twitter thread.

As you can see, they get a ton of traction.

you may flip the entire blog put up or parts of it into a thread. As an example, this thread is from a section of our weblog submit on technical search engine optimization:

Don’t restrict yourself to blog posts. Motion pictures, podcasts, and many others.,—they’re all Twitter thread-worthy material.

How do you write a great thread? Allow’s get meta and examine from creators on Twitter themselves:

7. Turn blog posts/videos/current content material into Quora answers

a few years in the past, I started out actively answering questions about Quora. In the method, I’ve gained over a million perspectives.

Excerpt of SQ's Quora profile

but most of my answers had been no longer generated from scratch. Alternatively, I repurposed them from our present content.

How do you discover the right questions to reply? Here’s how:

  1. enter quora.Com into Ahrefs’ web page Explorer
  2. visit the top pages file
  3. in the include field, enter subjects applicable to your content material
List of page URLs with corresponding data on traffic, keywords, etc

You’ll see a listing of questions which are actually ranking on Google. So with the aid of answering those questions, you could get site visitors from each Google and Quora.

pick out those who you may repurpose content for and answer them.

endorsed analyzing: Quora advertising and marketing: ~1 Million views Generated. Here’s how to replicate Our success

eight. Flip your content material into Reddit posts

marketers have a tendency to bypass out on Reddit due to the community’s severe hatred for something promotional. But Reddit remains a social network—and social networks need content material to thrive.

meaning entrepreneurs are welcome, as long as the content material they put up is beneficial and valuable.

One way to do that is to submit a tl;dr model of your content material and strip away all internal and outside hyperlinks. Handiest at the cease of your put up do you go away a hyperlink returned in your unique piece of content material.

That’s what our leader advertising and marketing officer, Tim Soulo, lately did on the r/bigseo subreddit.

Tim's post about link building on r/bigseo

With 74 upvotes and a Silver award, it become quite nicely received.

advocated studying: Reddit advertising: the way to Self sell on Reddit and Get more visitors

nine. Reuse bits and pieces of your present content as social media posts

At Ahrefs, we like to create custom photos that illustrate positive principles in our content. No longer pretty, we additionally repurpose them on our social media money owed:

Ahrefs' dot plot graph featured in a LinkedIn post

go through your content material. Every tip, idea, answer, lesson, custom image, or takeaway in your content can be extracted and reused as a standalone publish on social media.

Don’t waste it.

very last thoughts

most of the people repurpose their content after it has been posted. However content repurposing, like content advertising, has to be baked into the advent method.

For content merchandising, meaning considering how you want to promote your content earlier than you begin creating it. Likewise, for content repurposing, you need to reflect onconsideration on the way you want to repurpose your content before you create it.

Then, at the same time as you’re growing the content material, you’re also repurposing it on the same time. That way, it’s now not a mad dash after publication. As a substitute, your repurposed content may be released collectively with your posted content material—and help distribute it further.

Ryan McCready, head of content material advertising and marketing at basis Inc., calls this “energetic repurposing.” I endorse reading this post to look how he places it into motion.

Any questions or feedback about content material repurposing? Allow me recognize on Twitter.

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