Save time on terrible keywords by using using the lowest not unusual denominator technique

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negative keywords are the spine of any p.C strategy. Ever considering that Google almost removed the option of key-word focused on extending word matching to extensive suit advertisingterrible keywords have become even extra vital.

After performing masses of percent account audits over time, the maximum common mistake I’ve noticed is whilst people click the checkbox subsequent to a search query and click on “upload as bad keyword”.

Simplify your bad key phrases to save money and time with the aid of using a technique I name the lowest common denominator. This may dramatically reduce the range of poor key phrases you need to hold.


In short, the bottom commonplace denominator method is while you use as few words as possible on your bad keywords. Maximum of my terrible keywords are a single large-matched phrase. Every so often i exploit words as a word suit whilst necessary, and in uncommon cases i use 3 or more phrases.

a great instance of a seek query would be “used cheap red footwear signed by using Michael Jordan”. If you only sell new pink shoes at high prices and don’t sell some thing with a signature, you would generate three poor keywords:

I wouldn’t add Michael or Jordan because I’m selling Air Jordan. In case you simply introduced the complete search time period as bad, chances are you are wasting some time because you can by no means input this actual search once more.

things to look out for

Be careful when developing poor keywords. The above answer will likely do what you count on, but if you haven’t completed the research, you will be casting off some thing important.

it may be an amazing concept to do a seek query report to determine if the bad key-word you add has ever obtained a conversion. The use of a complete funnel search technique make certain that any terrible delivered factors do now not damage the conversion chain.

after I take over an antique account, I don’t continually dispose of all of the vintage lengthy-lasting negative keywords because it’s more paintings than it’s really worth. I’m adding new simplified key phrases based on vintage poor key phrases. One exception may be too many terrible keywords.

the general public are not aware that it exists limit the wide variety of negatives you may add to every marketing campaign. You can’t have more than 10,000 keywords consistent with seek campaign. This consists of lists connected to the campaign, campaign negative pages, and negative advert organizations. When you reach 10,000, Google will ignore it all. Even much less so for show network campaigns and video commercials, which restriction you to 5,000 key phrases.

Use the Google ads mobile app

after I add a number of terrible key phrases, i exploit the Google commercials Editor. However, if I take a look at my account each day, i’m able to use the Google commercials mobile app. The functionality of the app is limited, however it is able to be accessible for finding negative key phrases.

i take advantage of the app plenty when I watch television, drive inside the vehicle or watch for my spouse to get prepared. I evaluation my patron’s money owed, examine key phrases from the day before today or week, and check to peer if bad items need to be brought. All you have to do is click on a key-word you don’t like and then click ‘upload negative keyword.’ this can open a key-word edit box before saving it.

I set it to broad in shape and deleted all but one word I want to add. On the pinnacle, make certain you upload the poor keyword in the proper region. I add maximum of my key phrases to my terrible keyword lists, although my account has most effective one campaign. It appears to me that this is the fine way to organize terrible key phrases.

I regularly use numerous exclusive keyword lists to assist organize poor key phrases. This will be useful if the bill will increase. If the quest question is similar to the “pink shoes” example above, you may need to repeat the technique and upload every terrible key-word.

Use the cell app most effective as an upload-on to your terrible keyword approach. A while ago, Google has stopped showing all search queriesnow, however, the cell app shows even fewer keywords than the desktop model.

Proactive negative key phrases

to date, we’ve simplest mentioned reactive negative keyword technology. Another way to generate terrible keywords is proactivity. This is while you haven’t visible the hunt queries but, but you need to avoid deciding to buy them.

right here are three approaches to be proactive with terrible key phrases:

  • find negative key-word lists with Google seek. you’ll find many exquisite lists that others have already compiled.
  • Google key-word Planner. that is a tremendous keyword seek tool for bids, but it’s also awesome for locating poor key phrases.
  • locate other lists: take a look at out Wikipedia, real property studies websites, 0.33-celebration percent key-word studies equipment, or any vertical industry studies equipment you’re running on.


As I noted, be careful while adding negatives. You do not need to break the conversion chain or key-word float.

Don’t simply add negatives and overlook approximately them. You could want to do an annual evaluation to re-examine some of your terrible keywords. What turned into bad 12 months can be properly for another. Including a single bad keyword can prevent masses or thousands of irrelevant clicks.

while you use a bad exact healthy keyword, you prevent simplest one specific key-word, and greater than as soon as that keyword is in no way entered again and you haven’t resolved whatever.

Like most matters in enterprise, you need things to live simple. In this situation, preserve things brief.

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