How to advantage perception into the opposition on social media at no cost

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competitive evaluation is a key a part of virtual advertising.

as soon as you realize what your competitors are up to, you can make more informed advertising selections and higher apprehend your goal marketplace.

whilst a few groups are enthusiastic about reading paid and organic turnover, one region of ​​market studies is often not noted: social media.

In this article, we’ll observe why it’s useful to pay attention to social media metrics, discover what they could display about your competitors ’techniques, and – most importantly – explain how you can gain those valuable insights totally free.

monitoring the social overall performance of your competitors is useful because it famous what may additionally or won’t give you the results you want. You could compare boom possibilities across exclusive channels and niches simply by means of seeing how your audience responds to the content of your competitors. This, in flip, allows you to create your own greater effective social approach, resulting in extra target market engagement and greater logo awareness.

It also gives you insight into first-rate practices for growing and printing content. As an example, what voice and tone does your commonplace target market like to engage with? What styles of content do they opt for? Understanding the answers to such questions can prevent loads of time and sources.

you’ll be thinking why you want the gear to try this; clearly you could best track the debts of your competitors to see what they intend to do, proper?

In practice, however, it’s far extremely time-consuming to manually screen all the activities of your competitors’ bills. The gear mitigate this by way of permitting you to cognizance your resources on other obligations and providing you with statistics that you cannot get right of entry to manually (such as engagement fees and long-time period traits).

You don’t even ought to fee whatever for tools. For example, Semrush’s Social media tracker video display units a massive database of social media enterprise bills.

Social Media Tracker does all the hard studies for you and offers insights into your opposition on records-based totally social media. easy.

It covers a number of footwork – and quite a few valuable data – for some thing that doesn’t fee a cent.

you may examine extra approximately the use of Social Media Tracker with our in-intensity guide.

Now that we’ve covered the “why” for studying social media competition, it’s time to attention on the system itself.

allow’s say you’re building a brand of sleep products and need to increase your social proportion this worldwide industry worth $ 432 billion. After a few marketplace studies, you understand Casper as your largest competitor and now you need to begin hard their dominance.

right here are 5 steps you can take to start the procedure of instruction for mediation.

1. Perceive the maximum compelling content material of your competition

developing and trying out your social content can be time eating and resource in depth. Mastering the way to interact together with your audience may be a quick and time eating procedure and lead to ignored opportunities even as attempting to find your feet on social media.

but, analyzing the maximum a hit content material of your competition could make your lifestyles a good deal easier. In case you examine posts which might be effective for your competitors, you could get an concept of ​​quality practices and then use them on your very own. You may even take innovative idea in case you’re combating for thoughts (even though it’s no longer a very good concept to in reality replica what your competition are doing).

So how are you going to do that?

let’s say you recognized Instagram as a appropriate marketing channel and want to realize what posts out there paintings nicely for Casper earlier than you create your own.

Insert Casper’s area into Social Media Tracker, then pick the “Instagram” tab. You can right away see which posts have attracted the most interest inside the selected term.

key metrics should be cited here:

  • Engagement, which is the total quantity of likes and comments for Instagram
  • degree of engagementwhich measures the engagement of a booklet by using the quantity of fans

you can kind the posts based on these metrics and then view the posts themselves, permitting you to break down precisely what Casper’s target audience on this platform desires to see. When you try this for greater of your competition, you’ll develop a pretty clean photo of what compelling, powerful content have to appear like, giving you a proven framework for creating your very own posts.

2. Discover the most successful hashtage of your competition

whether you love or hate them, hashtags are a key part of social media approach. They assist new users discover your account, so that you need to choose them carefully while posting your posts.

there are numerous equipment available that will help you select the right and famous hashtag, however it’s also treasured to recognise what’s a success on your competition as nicely. Whilst branded labels may not be beneficial, enterprise-specific ones clearly are, and you don’t want to miss it.

To locate them, visit Social Media Tracker and select the “Hashtags” tab. We will see a list of Casper’s maximum a success hashtags (for this platform), as well as information on how often they had been used.


To get extra context and see how Casper used those hashtags in his posts, switch to the “Posts” tab. You may then clear out via hashtag to see the posts themselves, as well as insight into how those posts worked.

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3. Analyze your competition’ posting schedules

you could doubtlessly increase the engagement of your posts absolutely by posting on the right time. In the end, when your target audience is active, they may be more likely to see your content material and speak with it.

To discover the quality days and times to submit, you can view schedules and attendance information of your competition. Go to the “activity” tab in Social Media Tracker and notice the “while posts are posted and those collaborate with content” file.


The above record indicates that Casper enjoys the best level of engagement on Mondays (despite the fact that he does no longer put up frequently on that day). In comparison, posts on Fridays receive low engagement fees (even though maximum of Casper’s posts are posted on that day).

in order a competitor to Casper, you might need to recall planning your posts on Mondays (and Thursdays, as there’s additionally quite a few engagement that day), as that’s while your typical target market is maximum energetic.

4. Find out the paid social strategies of your competition

further to reviewing your competitors ’organic social techniques, it’s an amazing idea to additionally have a look at their paid campaigns. This allows you to analyze the replica and promotions they use to attempt to appeal to capability clients, and find concept for his or her very own campaigns.

Z Meta ads Libraryyou may see all the lively advertisements of your competition for free.


input Casperin within the search bar and you will see its presently active ads.


you could explore via area, view usa-particular campaigns, and filter out by means of:

  • Media type (photos, films, memes and textual content)
  • Platform (fb, Instagram and Messenger)
  • Language
  • term

by using searching at those commercials, you may cautiously review your ads and pick out the goods, promotions, and key phrases that Casper and your other competition are currently focusing on.

five. Understand the lengthy-time period desires of your competitors

tracking your competition ’modern-day campaigns has many blessings, however in case you want to stay competitive inside the future, you need to try to recognize what their long-term strategy is.

for example, which channels are they focused on for boom? In which are they trying to build a sustainable and seen presence? This is crucial to know, because if your competitors are present on a specific channel, so need to you.

The evaluation feature in Social Media Tracker facilitates you answer these questions. As an instance, inside the “contrast with competitors” file under, we are able to see that bed company has extensively extended its presence on facebook, which would suggest that it could have recognized opportunities for increase on this platform.


meanwhile, Casper appears to be focused on LinkedIn as a platform for increase.


basic, we will see that each one the competition have improved their target market on Instagram. As a competitor to those corporations, it’s truthful to mention that strengthening your Instagram presence might be a necessary priority.


you may additionally examine particular trends, which includes engagement rates through the years. Underneath, for example, we can see that mattress firm recorded a big growth in engagement over the Christmas length, although posting hobby did not growth. It might be well worth taking a closer study how bed firm has finished this, particularly in case you’re planning your seasonal campaigns.


those reviews allow you to examine your effects and outcomes, and provide you with a far clearer concept of ​​in which you may want to enhance or consciousness greater resources.

store time and spend less

As stated, all of those reports are available without spending a dime – and might prevent a number of time within the method. They could give you precious insight into the activities of your competition on social media, making sure that you are usually one step in advance.

With Social Media Tracker, you can additionally receive ordinary updates on how your competitors are behaving, which means you best want to configure your report once. Sincerely click “Settings” in the higher proper corner of the manage panel and choose the “e mail reports” tab to set the whole thing up.


Armed with some of these tips and insights, you can now begin to behavior your very own analysis of competitors and begin to lay the principles for your own powerful and centered social media strategy. Whether you’re competing with mounted enterprise gamers worth $ 432 billion like this, or local competitors in a smaller area of interest, these loose tools permit you to be competitive – and successful – for your very own emblem struggle.

nonetheless no longer certain?

check ours unfastened instant tracking device and examine one of your competitors.

alternatively, you may learn more approximately Social Media Tracker before you dive.

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