Are inner connections within the head and legs treated differently?

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Google’s John Mueller recently answered the question of whether or not Google uses internal hyperlinks inside the leg or head in a different way. Google’s John Mueller explained the small difference in how Google handles the main content material of a page, and highlighted how Google handles internal hyperlinks within a website.

inner links

internal hyperlinks are links inside a internet site that cause any other website in the equal internet site.

Examples of inner links are menu links, which might be usually placed in the header, as well as hyperlinks to important sections of the website, which include the page about us and the contact web page, which can be regularly located on the foot of the website online.

internal links can also be hyperlinks to different pages inside the website online which are placed inside the content material of the site.

Google’s John Mueller discusses inner hyperlinks

Are all inner connections equally essential?

That’s what Google’s John Mueller said internal connections are important and the person asking the query desired to realize if there was a difference in how special sorts of internal connections have been treated.

The individual requested:

“you lately reiterated the significance of inner connectivity, which communicates to Google how crucial particular content material on a website is.

i ponder if the links within certain sections of the website online are viewed differently.

for example, if a page is linked inside the header or footer and is therefore covered on every web page of the website online.

Does Google use those hyperlinks differently due to the links inside the body of the page? ”

inner connections are not any exceptional

Mueller defined that hyperlinks aren’t dealt with in a different way due to where the links are inside the website.

John Mueller replied:

“We don’t actually vary there.

So if matters are connected at the foot of the web page and are related to the complete web page, then from our factor of view you have that hyperlink from the whole web site.

It’s no longer authentic to mention: Oh, just like the connections inside the leg have much less weight or aren’t that beneficial, we’re going to ignore them or something.

So from that point of view, in terms of hyperlinks, we essentially only see them as links on the web page. “

The textual content is dealt with in another way relying at the area

John Mueller then defined that the text in the major content material is dealt with particularly differently.

He explained:

“in terms of textual content there, it’s a little extraordinary as we attempt to apprehend what the primary content of the web page is.

And in relation to ranking relative to different content material in your website online, we’ll attempt to attention on that number one part of the page’s content material.

but links from our point of view most effective help us higher apprehend the structure of the website online, and whether or not they’re within the header, footer, sidebar or essential content material, it doesn’t genuinely trade anything for us. “

internal connections are essential

John Mueller explained that while content material in the main content place is handled barely differently, internal hyperlinks inside the header, footer, or fundamental content are handled the identical.

Mueller additionally confirmed that inner links within the leg and head are not given less weight than hyperlinks inside the content material of the website.


quality inner linking: head and foot compared to content material links

See how John Mueller responded the question at forty five:09


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