Google shows the 12 months of the Buddhist news calendar

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here is a screenshot of Google information on cellular displaying a date that is not a Gregorian date however the date and year of the Buddhist calendar. I anticipate this is pulled from some type of override of the settings in the telephone or in the Google seek settings.

This became shared with me on Twitterhe is a screenshot:

I did this on Google, and some devices seem to can help you set your cellphone to show a Buddhist calendar. The Buddhist calendar is a fixed of lunisolar calendars utilized by the chinese population mainly in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand, and in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam for religious or professional events. Whilst calendars have a commonplace foundation, additionally they have smaller however vital variations, including intercalation schedules, month names and numbering, the use of cycles, and so forth. In Thailand, the call Buddhist Age is a flight numbering gadget shared by way of the traditional Thai lunisolar calendar and the Thai sun calendar.

while most of the sector makes use of the Gregorian calendar, delivered by Pope Gregory XIII in October 1582 as a modification and replacement of the Julian calendar. The main alternate become one of a kind leap years in area, so the average calendar yr is 365.2425 days, which is closer to the 365.2422-day “tropical” or “solar” 12 months set by means of the Earth’s revolution around the sun.

So take a look at your tool settings if you see this.

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