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whilst every precise marketer (and exquisite brand) is aware of the importance of personalization, the extra project is to offer this experience on a big scale.

while Covid-19 hit the world, Walgreens – certainly one of the united states’s biggest and oldest pharmacies – needed to provide safety and emotionally calm clients. To gain this, it become essential to take gain of the deeper client experience at bodily and virtual touch points.

We spoke with Rego Marquiis, Head of innovative at Walgreens, to recognize how Walgreens finished this with LOOPa newly mounted, in-residence creative organisation made up of storytellers.

Walgreens makes a speciality of storytelling

Storytelling combines creativity and information analytics to make certain that creative teams acquire business consequences. It enables the corporation to check, learn and optimize content material in actual time and use these observations to boom and improve destiny advertising techniques.

To capture their values ​​and better serve their customers, Walgreens wanted to:

  • improve their perception as a brand that understands and treats clients as human beings
  • enhance the way you talk with your clients by way of know-how how clients appearance and feel approximately the emblem and their enjoy

those business desires served as a catalyst to get began LOOP – Walgreens creative employer, that is answerable for telling success memories in its numerous advertising capabilities.

Rego fashioned LOOP over a six-month length preparing for operation in August 2021. With current Walgreens employees, LOOP could shield Walgreens ’brand and voice in all marketing and communications. I would act as an included strategic companion for:

  • Create a subculture that allows employees to harness their creativity and sell the emblem
  • take in records, study from it, and ask smarter questions
  • Catalyze Walgreens ’advertising and marketing transformation via discovering the most compelling, empathetic and business-oriented logo solutions

“The concept of ​​transformation took keep once I joined Walgreens. I had a task with a gaggle of information to release thoughts as we moved into the design phase for LOOP.

– Rego Marquiis, Head of innovative, Walgreens

implementing a cultural shift to sell market transformation

prior to Rego’s tenure at Walgreens, the advertising function confronted awesome pressure due to unrealistic expectancies regarding scope, scope, and scope of work.

For achievement, employees wanted area to ask questions that might cause them to the nice possible solution. They demanded nonlinear methods, instead of how Walgreens as soon as labored.

even as Rego intended to supplement The LOOP, and now and again to complement the out of doors groups they worked with, the LOOP needed to be a bigger, broader, deeper creative network.

“We needed to build a new area based totally on a failed school of idea that became normally overseas. We desired to build this way of life of rebellious genius. In place of emulating different international-class creative corporations, we designed LOOP to paintings extra like a crew of scientists in a consistent nation of interest, ”said Rego.

organising new ways of operating

based totally on Rego LOOP a framework at the Kaizen checking out model – in which personnel in any respect ranges paintings collectively to attain normal, slow enhancements even as maintaining past successes.

“where the antique was removed and the new included, we identified moments of reminiscence in the stellar muscles and offered them as standards, no longer guidelines.”

– Rego Marquiis, Head of creative, Walgreens

“The idea was to shake off the old ways so we could offer better results for our clients and patients.  And this work would resonate not only in big broadcast campaigns, but also in interactions in stores and digital moment by moment, ”Rego said.To find a genius most of the noise, Rego targeted on removing old, intrinsic mindsets approximately how humans paintings, no extra:

  • considering projects in front of a consumer
  • recognition on the initiative earlier than you apprehend its price
  • Act with out thinking about the wider impact

Rego also abandoned the prototype innovative overview technique that was as soon as used to measure development. Those innovative critiques have been changed by means of “layout classes” – an equally agile application improvement procedure, but from a author’s perspective.

design sessions were designed to provide a secure tradition that supports a short college of wondering. These classes helped teammates train their brains from specific ways and processes. We endorsed the creators to discover the opportunities that may be related to remedy the trouble.

“Shaping sessions are like a campfire moment where there is no pressure.  This is an open session where you can ask questions about the reports and each other.  Then we have another session as the work moves from launch to landing.  This is our paradigm when we start a project, we call it periods will assign a “devil recommend” who will ask teammates about their reason for potential solutions and the statistics that supports it.

“Then we pass from design to enhancement while we take an idea and challenge it. Again, this isn’t always a innovative evaluate. ”- Rego Marquiis, Head of creative, Walgreens

“absolutely” a brand new mindset as a collective

The team is now aware about the effect in their paintings at the consumer. The works do now not technique as a venture, however as hypotheses. This is a leap from in which the team started one year ago.

LOOP the crew created a vaccination documentation on YouTube entitled ‘The Vaccine, In Our phrases’. This was the primary a part of storytelling to apply the electricity of the Walgreens manufacturers to shed mild at the predominant fitness crises of our time. The marketing campaign featured human beings and groups struggling with Covid-19 hesitation. These memories highlighted a crucial, a whole lot-wanted conversation approximately vaccine inequality.


The LOOPDocuseries individual has seen the subsequent results:

  • 600% boom in pageviews and downtime
  • The candy spot for the motion pictures was two to 5 minutes
  • Walgreens customers have similar middle values ​​no matter their social or economic repute
  • The emotional framework turned into important to all clients and sufferers due to human truths and their memories
  • Repeatable statistics factors for Walgreens’ subsequent model

for the reason that its inception a year in the past, LOOP has enabled the fulfillment of different departments via his storytelling stemming from emotional connections.

Rego is wonderful about attaining the wider aim of LOOP: to be a completely found out innovative organisation.

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