Are you able to get more of Google’s planned search outcomes with subdomains?

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with regards to “dominance” over seek outcomes, maximum SEOs define this as taking as many search effects as possible on the primary page. Every now and then this indicates on one area, now and again on subdomains, and every so often completely on one of a kind domains. Jonas Sickler shared on Twitter shifted Google outcomes with subdomains and then Ahmed Alaa confirmed 4 staggered effects.

It become an inquiry about [usps alternate of address] – here’s a screenshot:

click for full size

you can see that usps.Com has four effects at the pinnacle when typically given with the aid of Google commercials from the identical domain – no longer usually, however in trendy there are two. Do you believe you studied Google lets in greater due to the fact there are best two lists www.Usps.Com and then moversguide.Usps.Com and faq.Usps.Com? I assume it’s apparent that Google is combining those results into one bigger list with 4 results. Do you suspect they would display all four if they have been all at the WWW?

Google has began put off outcomes 12 months ago in July (2021). In 2019, we noticed other forms aggregation results.

I virtually found the thread interesting – now not that Google could show subdomains in a collection underneath www domain names, but perhaps that Google would possibly display greater if it used a subdomain for some lists that suit the query. Or need to the USPS try to integrate a number of this content – maybe that’s what it takes? 🙂

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