TikTok traits B2B and B2C marketers have to follow in 2022

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in step with Hubspot blog studies, forty four% of entrepreneurs presently use TikTok.

Cat video brief form the platform continues to grow, with some manufacturers struggling to discern out where they healthy. In reality, it’ll be in 2022 InVideo record suggests that approximately 50% of brands along with Google and IKEA nonetheless do now not use the platform.

In this newsletter, we are able to speak the summit Tik Tok emblem advertising and marketing tendencies, how to locate tendencies at the platform and pointers on the way to join them.

The excellent developments TikTok

1. Several agencies are gaining knowledge of the platform.

in line with HubSpot blog research, TikTok is the number one platform wherein entrepreneurs are increasing their investments via 2022.

For a long time, TikToka become no longer taken critically. They saw it as a platform for Gen-Z to shoot short, funny movies.

but, whilst its popularity (and user increase) peaked in 2020, organizations gave it a new attitude.

nowadays, marketers say it’s far the fourth most effective social media platform after Instagram, fb and YouTube. This puts it in advance of mounted structures like Twitter and Pinterest.

TikTok is special because it may build community. In truth, 78% of users agree that the exceptional manufacturers on TikTok are people who work together with users. TikTok 2021 record “what’s next”..

The document additionally observed that sixty seven% of customers experience inspired to store, even if they at the beginning did not intend to.

manufacturers are starting to comprehend that customers can be heading to the funny video platform first, but they live due to authenticity and network constructing – which can be terrific pillars for brand loyalty.

2. TikTok users devour less other content material.

What could you do with the undivided attention of the audience?

in line with Kantar research46% of users have interaction with content material on the platform with none different disruption.

particularly, 41% of technology Z TikTok users they are saying they pay attention to fewer podcasts after becoming a member of TikTok, and 33% say they watch less tv.

that is an high-quality opportunity for social media entrepreneurs to take advantage of this attention to have interaction their audiences and inspire extra engagement.

three. Sounds are greater critical than hashtags.

On no different social media platform does sound play one of these key function.

88% of people at TikTok document that platform sound is valuable to the general app experience, in keeping with TikTok’s “What’s next” file.

The file additionally discovered that sounds in 2021 at the “For You” web page recorded a forty seven% better price of video views in comparison to hashtags.

moreover Invideo’s TikTok brand marketing file discovered that 80% of the first-rate films have music, with upbeat songs being with the aid of some distance TikTok’s maximum popular track choice.

Given this, manufacturers ought to provide preference to the usage of sounds when publishing at the platform. Even as hashtags effectively help you reach your target audience, choosing the proper sound is in all likelihood to be greater effective.

how to locate TikTok trends

1. Discover tab.

one of the nice methods to discover tendencies in Tiktok is the discover tab.

tiktok discover the trend search tab

in this tab, you may scroll via your favored sounds, hashtags, and themes, along side a preview of the quality videos inside the class.

tiktok discover the trend search tab

you can also see what number of motion pictures fall into this class, providing you with insight into which tendencies are rising and which have already inflated.

2. For you web page.

TikTok’s “For You” page is like Instagram’s explore web page. It appears distinct to every person relying at the content material they’re maximum worried with.

Given this, it’s also an area in which today’s topics revolve.

tick for your trend search page

If a video has loads of lots of likes or views, it’s really worth a touch browsing and notice if it’s related to a particular trend. Your first step have to be to check the sound located within the decrease left nook of the video.

tick for your site

whilst you click on it, you will see the name of the tune, the range of videos they use, and scroll to look the videos that show it. With all this statistics, you may realize how famous sound is and how other users use it.

3. The “seek” tab.

TikTok’s search tab is any other outstanding manner to discover new developments.

earlier than you start typing into the search bar, TikTok mechanically completes counseled searches based on brand new topics.

search bar ticking to find trends

All you have to do is click at the applicable searches and notice which motion pictures have been created related to those subjects.

4. Hashtag #TrendAlert

let’s say you operate all of the strategies stated above and are nonetheless seeking to identify developments.

nicely, there are a massive range of users on TikTok who’re already on top. All you need to do is observe them or the hashtag #TrendAlert.

@strategisewithcare #socialmediamanageruk #trendalert #contentcreatortips #smallbusinesstips_ #predicting tendencies #trendingzdaj #tiktoktips # trendalert2022 #contentideas ♬ unique sound – Betelgeusethestar

As proven inside the video, you may use this hashtag to discover new trends and how to use them.

how to make TikTok developments

1. Bounce early.

The component approximately developments is that they arrive and move very speedy. If you don’t bounce early, you could pass over the boat completely.

So, as quickly as you understand the TikTok trend you need to take part in, start considering a few ideas.

remember the fact that you don’t want sophisticated video to be successful on the platform. It regularly best takes a piece of innovative wondering, true lighting, some lip sync abilities and a smartphone.

Authenticity is important on a platform like TikTok. If you keep this at the leading edge, your possibilities of achievement are a lot better.

2. Find the connectable attitude.

In TikTok, you handiest have up to a few minutes to make an impact, but a big portion of films that go viral are 30 seconds or much less.

this means you have a short time frame for viewers to forestall and watch your video. One manner to do that? Create connectable content material.

@thelipbar I suggest … It is tough to withstand ours #fastface makeup device 😍 #thelipbar #simple make-up #vegan #vegan cosmetics #fyp #zate ♬ authentic sound – Makayla

consider the demanding situations your target market faces on a each day foundation. That is a notable place to attract notion.

you can also get idea from competitors and the content they invent.

three. Know while to bow.

each day is a new TikTok trend.

Given this, it’s no longer worth becoming a member of each trend. This will be as it isn’t in keeping with the voice and values ​​of your emblem or due to the fact you overlooked the boat.

regardless of the cause, avoid becoming a member of traits lengthy when they have peaked. At this point, users may be out of trend and actively avoiding it. It is able to additionally appear that your logo isn’t always in touch.

TikTok trends are usually evolving. Through the use of the equipment noted here, you could join the traits after they take place and attain an ever-developing target audience.

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