Google Recipe Pages – Are They Getting Too long?

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Google hears court cases that recipe pages are too long, and suggests that more concise pages be higher for users.

This changed into stated by means of Google search suggest John Mueller at some stage in the Google seek critical search engine optimization chat at office hours, filmed on March 4th.

at some point of the show, Mueller gets a question from a meals blogger asking about the implications for search engine optimization of writing multiple content material approximately the same recipe.

Their concept is to have a recipe-handiest page and helping information about that recipe on separate pages.

Mueller is requested if this is a superb approach compared to all the information on one recipe on one page

setting apart lengthy pages with recipes into several articles

Mueller believes creating one page that would consciousness at the recipe and keeping apart the helping content on the opposite might be a terrific structure for customers.

that is based totally on the comments Mueller hears from folks who say there may be too much extra content material on recipe pages earlier than the actual recipe arrives.

Mueller says it’d be okay from Google’s factor of view to amplify the content material to more pages:

“It absolutely came to our notice then. That is some thing that makes me get a variety of complaints, in particular approximately the content material of recipes, from those who thought they have been lengthy recipes, and “I don’t have time to observe a existence story and assessment some of these other objects about this website – I really need to just a recipe. ‘

So, if you can separate that and cognizance on the recipe itself, and perhaps separate a number of the issues with that recipe, from the person’s factor of view, that seems like a wonderful element. ”

Mueller notes that the venture of this approach is to balance the electricity of character parties.

The greater articles published approximately the same recipe, the more the key-word might be diluted.

One way to amplify the alerts of one web page before the opposite is to link best to the assisting content material from the primary recipe.

Then Google will get a clear sign as to which web page is maximum vital.

“I assume the stability might be tricky approximately how strong you are making these man or woman facets. Especially in case you kind of wreck matters down to your site, perhaps even in terms of inner linking, that unexpectedly each recipe is two pages, then of direction we want to index pages in line with recipe.

And we need to give fee to 2 pages on the recipe, which means you could dilute things a chunk. However, in case you set it up in order that those FAQ pages are simplest recipe-associated, and the number one content material in your web site is the recipe itself, then I assume we’ll be capable of recognition on the recipe.

And if a person is searching out something that is within the FAQ phase of this recipe, they might display a FAQ page inside the seek consequences.

word on overuse of often asked questions

As for tagging frequently requested questions, Mueller notes that Google is conscious that a few sites are overusing it to take up extra area in search effects.

Google is now looking to lessen the amount of consequences enriched with often requested questions in the SERP:

“In terms of structured data, in terms of rich outcomes, humans occasionally like to put up often requested questions about all aspects due to the fact they add more space in search outcomes.

I think this is from our factor of view nearly like on the manner out, as we’ve visible people do it, and we attempt to lessen the quantity of entries with frequently requested questions that we display in search results, just because it’s now not so useful for users , in which each end result has this set of often asked questions. “

Mueller states this to emphasise that separating content with frequently asked questions from the recipe makes feel to look for:

“It simply came to our note then. That way, you don’t overburden the recipe result with all of this additional dependent information. You really say, “If human beings want extra information, we’ve that information. If people need to cognizance simplest on the recipe, we also have this information. “

pay attention to Mueller’s complete solution within the video under:


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