How to promote Your blog: 21 NEW techniques

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In these days’s post, I’m going to show you precisely the way to promote your weblog.

In truth:

those are the equal techniques that I used to develop my weblog to 449,058 month-to-month visitors:

Backlinko – Users – September 2021

let’s dive proper in.

1. Visitor publish Bonuses

in case you’re simply starting out, visitor posting is a top notch manner to grow your weblog.

There’s handiest one trouble:

It’s truly tough to get human beings from your guest submit to your internet site.

In truth, one industry take a look at observed that the average visitor publish brings in best 50 site visitors.

Average referral traffic from a guest article

the answer?

visitor post Bonuses.

With a visitor put up Bonus, you don’t just toss in a link at the lowest of your post.

Guest post bonus offer

instead, you provide people some thing that makes them need to visit your internet site.

for example, a while again I published this visitor post at the Buffer blog.

Buffer blog feature

yes, I had an creator bio link.

Buffer guest post – Author link

but I additionally created a visitor post Bonus only for readers of my visitor submit.

Buffer guest post bonus

And that unmarried guest submit added in 471 traffic inside the first month:

Single guest post traffic

And lots of those new visitors signed up for my newsletter.


2. Publish records-driven content

data-driven content is BLOWING UP proper now.

And for a very good reason:

content material with facts is a top notch manner to your blog to stand out.

as an instance, some years ago we posted this huge search engine ranking elements study.

Backlinko – Search engine ranking

usual, that publish caused thousands of shares on social media.

Post shares on Twitter

And a ton of backlinks.

Ahrefs – Search engine ranking – Backlinks

The handiest problem was:

This have a look at was insanely hard (and high priced) to pull off.

There had been servers. Crawlers. Facts companions. Bugs. Problems. Tens of millions of information points. And lots extra.

sure, records-pushed content material takes more paintings than a listing put up.

however it doesn’t need to be THIS difficult.

as an example, after the search engine rating factors observe, we published this study on voice seek.

Backlinko – Voice search SEO study

Make no mistake: this took numerous paintings.

First, our CTO needed to manually ask his Google home tool 10,000 questions.

Then, we transcribed the solutions.

finally, we analyzed the information.

So yeah, it wasn’t clean. However this look at turned into approximately 20x simpler than our massive Google have a look at.

And it nevertheless did superb.

In reality, we were given a massive spike in traffic on Day 1.

Day-one traffic spike

and people nevertheless link to and cite our look at all of the time.

Voice search SEO study – Singlegrain backlink

All each person definitely wanted to pull this off become a Google domestic device and someone willing to put within the paintings.

We simply occurred to be the primary to do it.

three. Update and improve old content

some years ago, I started out a ny mission for the Backlinko blog:

replace every unmarried put up on our website.

It wasn’t easy.

however this mega project helped improve Backlinko’s standard visitors by using 25.Seventy one% compared to the previous 12 months:

Updating content can help boost traffic

Now, 25% might not sound like lots.

however that 25.Seventy one% increase = 410,322 greater every year site visitors.

(Which is a lot.)

With that, let’s dive into the stairs.

First, visit the remaining web page of your blog feed.

Then, replace and enhance each put up.

for instance, I hadn’t completed a large update to this publish in YEARS.

Backlinko – The definitive guide to guest blogging

maximum of the techniques in my publish still labored.

however quite a few the content material changed into obsolete.

Obsolete content

So I went in and overhauled the publish.

as an instance, I changed vintage visuals and snap shots.

Replace old visuals and images

removed old techniques:

Remove old strategies

And standard, made the submit much extra updated.

The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging – New version

eventually, I pushed the adjustments live… and changed the “last up to date” date at the post.

The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging – Last updated

Which boosted the general visitors to that page by means of 22.Fifty two%.

Guest blogging guide – Traffic after update

Rinse and repeat for as many posts as you could handle.

relying on how many posts you have got, this may take months (or even years).

In fact, it took me 6 weeks to replace all of our content material.

however, as you saw, it changed into absolutely really worth it.

4. LinkedIn Syndication

LinkedIn now has 756 million customers.

LinkedIn users – 2021

no matter the ones crazy numbers, I don’t see many people talking approximately LinkedIn.

That’s precise news for you and me. Because it means LinkedIn is basically untapped.

In reality:

you could get some severe traction on LinkedIn honestly via reposting your exceptional stuff there.

as an example, a while in the past, I reposted this publish on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn article share

I actually copied the precise put up phrase-for-phrase.

LinkedIn article

And regardless of being an old post, it were given three,800+ views.

Old post article views

This works because no one is posting whatever exciting on LinkedIn.

So whilst you publish some thing cool, you can instantly stand out.

five. Facebook Boosted Posts (With Retargeting)

It’s no mystery that fb natural reach is essentially 0% for maximum pages proper now.

Forbes Facebook article

which means you want to boost your posts in case you want them to get seen.

That stated:

CPCs on fb have become exceptional costly.

(particularly if you’re in a B2B space like i’m.)

fortunately, you could decrease your CPC by 25-75% with retargeting.

as an instance, I posted this at the Backlinko fb web page some time ago:

BuzzSumo Facebook post

and that i decided to use a few fancy targeting options.

Which ended up costing $2.60 CPC in step with click.

Facebook Ads – High cost per click

not crazy. However no longer a brilliant ROI either.

So a few months later when I boosted this publish, I decided to most effective raise it to people that visited Backlinko inside the remaining 60 days.

SEO Techniques Facebook post

And due to the fact I focused humans that I know could be interested in our content, our CPC turned into simplest .67 cents a pop:

Facebook Ads low cost per click

6. The tremendous simple publication

one of the first classes I learned with Backlinko was:

Newsletters are a brilliant manner to promote new posts.

over the years, I’ve examined 25+ exceptional formats and layouts for our email newsletters.

Email newsletter formats and layouts

And all that testing had led to one big takeaway:

wonderful simple Newsletters work first-rate.

for example, here’s a newsletter we sent out to the Backlinko network about a new publish:

Backlinko newsletter about new post

No fancy portraits.

No lengthy intro.

No pix.

only a short intro and a hyperlink to the put up.

And due to the fact our newsletters consciousness on the primary message (that we simply posted a brand new publish), our CTRs are 2-3x better than the industry average for a list of our length.

Newsletter high click through rate

7. Move-Pollinate Your target audience

As you can know, I don’t post very much on Twitter.

(In reality, I common around 1-2 tweets in keeping with week.)

And notwithstanding that, i’ve over 117k Twitter fans.

Backlinko Twitter followers

My secret?

I ask new e mail subscribers to follow me on Twitter.

Backlinko – Thanks page

In truth, I’ve had that CTA in area when you consider that 2013.

And that easy button has led to over 20k Twitter followers.

eight. Collab With different Blogs

Over the previous few years, I’ve labored with different blogs on infographics.

Collaborate with other blogs on infographics

industry research:

Backlinko – Content study

And case studies for the blog.

Case study for the blog

as an instance, some time in the past, I teamed up with Pitchbox for this industry study.

Backlinko – Email outreach study

This collab turned into a win-win.

I were given super information that I should use for a statistics-pushed submit.

and they got their product (and remodeled blog) in the front of heaps of human beings.

9. Superb personalised Outreach

have you ever obtained a everyday outreach email like this?

Generic outreach email

You’re no longer by myself.

increasingly more human beings are the usage of blogger outreach to sell their content.

Bloggers who report strong results based on type of promotion

And as you’ve in all likelihood noticed, they’re doing it all incorrect.

mainly, they blast out the equal actual pitch to hundreds of humans.

That’s the bad news.

the best information is that you could without difficulty stand out.

How? Personalize each outreach e-mail which you ship.

In reality, the outreach look at I stated in advance observed that customized messages got 32% more replies than those that used the equal genuine template.

Personalized messages can significantly improve response rates

for instance, i found this damaged hyperlink:

Broken link example

And found out that we had a guide that would make an ideal replacement.

So I despatched out this customized message:

Outreach email

And due to the fact I didn’t use a lame template or beg for a link, they luckily delivered my hyperlink to their submit.

Outreach email response

10. Alluring Social Media snap shots

From a variety of checking out, i will tell you that your social photo makes a large difference.

for instance, we used to slap our social media images together on the remaining minute. Or use a random photograph from the put up.

Last-minute social post image

today, we create social media pictures designed to face out on a person’s Twitter or facebook feed.

as an instance, whilst we post some thing with records, we characteristic a compelling chart:

Compelling chart

(And we resize the chart so it’s optimized for Twitter, fb and LinkedIn image dimensions.)

And if we’re publishing a listing publish or step-via-step manual, we’ve got our clothier create something in order to stand out.

Custom image for tweet

This form of aspect takes a touch little bit of greater effort.

but in my enjoy, the growth in visitors which you get makes it completely worthwhile.

11. Turn blog content material Into YouTube motion pictures

I used to begin every YouTube video from scratch.

And it took forever.

In fact, I used to spend 10 hours on a single 15-minute video.

(and that i’d estimate that I spent 70% of that point on the video script.)

today, I base my movies on current content material from weblog posts, newsletters and keynote speeches.

YouTube video content based on existing content

And it makes this system tons easier.

notice: I’m now not straight-up recycling a blog put up into a video. That’s lame. Alternatively, I’m the usage of bits and portions of great content material as the premise of my script.

for instance, this video from my channel is a mishmash of content from one among my ebooks, a publication, several exclusive blog posts… plus some new stuff.


And due to the fact the video isn’t only a rehash of an vintage blog publish, it racked up 148,168 views.

How to rank in Google – YouTube video – Views

you would possibly have observed that i get a fair amount of feedback on each put up.

Fair amount of comments on every post

What’s my mystery?

First, I most effective publish world-class content.

(In other phrases, content material that’s worth commenting on.)

2d, I respond to quite a great deal every remark that a person leaves… especially in the first 48 hours after a post is going stay.

In reality, in step with our WordPress statistics, we’ve got 29,142 feedback at the weblog.

Total comments on blog

And approximately 40% of these remarks are me replying to remarks from Backlinko readers.

So that means that I’ve replied to 11,656 comments so far.

That’s form of insane. And replying to eleven,656 comments takes time and effort.

but these replies display that I care approximately the people that take the time to depart comments. Even though it’s only a easy “thank you”.

Simple comment reply

It additionally offers me a chance to reply questions that people have.

Answer a question via a comment

And at the stop of the day, replying to remarks is one of the important reasons that we’ve been capable of construct such an energetic community here on the Backlinko weblog.

13. Write weblog Posts on NEW subjects

Does your niche have a bunch of entrenched competitors?

agree with me, I’ve been there.

when I first released the Backlinko blog i used to be diving headfirst into the brutally competitive marketing area.

And i used to be a one-guy show going up towards massive competition with dozens of personnel.


How did I stand out and get traction?

I posted content on NEW topics that my competition weren’t masking.

for instance, one of the first posts I posted at the blog was about YouTube seo:

How to Rank YouTube Videos post

And some other early post was approximately building an e-mail list:

List Building post

those have been two topics that my competition weren’t writing about. Which helped my content material stand out.

that is a approach that I nonetheless follow to at the present time.

a while in the past, I published this in-depth guide to Google RankBrain:

Backlinko – Google RankBrain SEO guide

And because i used to be so early, this submit didn’t combo in with the 100 other posts approximately RankBrain.

(because there weren’t any.)

Which helped my content material in reality stand out:

Content that stands out

14. Podcast Bonuses

that is just like the visitor post Bonus method I pointed out in advance.

but rather than creating a bonus for every visitor post…

…you create a fixed of bonuses for every podcast you cross on as a visitor.

for example, when I went on Pat Flynn’s podcast, I created this bonus segment for his listeners:

Backlinko – Pat bonus section

And on the end of the podcast, I specifically noted this bonus segment.

Which caused an influx of traffic…

Influx of traffic

…and more importantly, e-mail subscribers.

With that, here’s the exact manner.

First, create some thing that listeners of that podcast would need.

preferably, your bonuses ought to complement what you’re going to talk about on the podcast.

for example, earlier than I went on Pat’s podcast, I created a bonus segment.

This bonus phase contained:

  • A short case examine
  • An on-page seo tick list
  • And a swipe report of 25 brilliant link building movies and posts

second, run it by the podcast host. Because you’re supplying some thing tremendous treasured to their target audience, most gained’t have a hassle with it. But it by no means hurts to test in ahead.

sooner or later, host the bonus section touchdown page on a URL that’s clean to bear in mind and kind.

for example, for my Pat Flynn podcast look, I made the URL: backlinko.Com/pat.

Easy-to-remember URL

then you definately just must installation your e mail marketing platform to deliver the bonuses after they sign up.

That’s all there’s to it.

15. Communicate at occasions

speaking at conferences is a tremendous manner to sell your blog.

however now not for the motive you would possibly suppose.

I’ll provide an explanation for…

after I first launched Backlinko, I spoke at as many meetings as I could.

Brian speaking at conferences

In fact, I spoke at occasions in:

  • Dublin
  • Boston
  • Austin
  • Istanbul
  • Romania
  • Berlin
  • And plenty greater cities and international locations

Did getting on level in the front of 300 human beings skyrocket my weblog’s growth?

likely not.

So how did these conferences help me?

because I got to meet other speakers.

Meet the speakers

(audio system which are leaders inside the search engine optimization and marketing space.)

In reality, talking at these events helped me create partnerships, mastermind agencies, and friendships with actually clever humans.

It even gave me a hazard to make an early angel investment in a startup.

Brian Dean early angel investment

And this wouldn’t have passed off if I randomly despatched those oldsters an electronic mail with: “good day, do you need to accomplice up on some thing?”.

To be clean:

Now that my weblog has traction, I quite a lot stopped talking at events. But that’s some other story for another put up…

but whilst i was simply beginning out, speakme at activities become awesome helpful.

16. Submit Posts at the proper Time

What’s the best time to post a brand new blog put up?

well, BuzzSumo and that i set out to reply this query.

And we observed that… there isn’t honestly a big difference between distinctive days of the week.

Average social shares by day of week

That said:

every little bit helps.

And if you want to get extra visitors and social stocks from every post, publishing on the proper time is key.

The factor is, the “first-rate time” is one of a kind for every blog.

For us, we’ve experimented with publishing on Sundays at 12pm, Fridays at 7am, and Mondays at 2pm…

And we eventually discovered that publishing on Tuesdays at 11am works best for us.

however that’s no longer some thing any industry examine or “excellent time to submit a put up” article can let you know.

You gotta test.

that is something I did plenty while i was first starting out.

as an example, I’d depart comments that brought to the discussion:

Comments that add to the discussion

Or simply supported bloggers that i was rooting for:

Comment to support other bloggers

And this helped me get on human beings’s radar displays… without being a pushy jerkface.

In fact, those beneficial feedback without delay caused a handful of guest submit and podcast interview invites.


18. Create a weblog Alliance

A “blog Alliance” is where you make pals with different bloggers.

(And “weblog Alliance” sounds lots cooler than “make buddies”. So I went with that. 🙂 )

for example, inside the early days of Backlinko, I’d pass on weekly calls with Bryan Harris.

Call with Bryan Harris

And these calls were first rate helpful.

certain, it was first-class to have a person to talk to about writing, hiring, equipment, products, and newsletters.

however we also swapped precise pointers and tactics that helped us each grow.

So if there’s some other blogger that’s at about the equal level as you’re, ship them a short message like this:

19. Reader Case studies

i like reader case research.

In reality, reader case research were one of the secret weapons I used to grow my weblog in document time.

Old case study posts

With that, right here’s the step-via-step method.

First, pick out a strategy, method or tip which you need to spotlight.

for instance, again inside the day I desired to get the word out approximately The Skyscraper technique.

Backlinko – Skyscraper technique

second, discover a reader that were given outcomes from something you mentioned.

subsequently, paintings together with your reader on an in-intensity case take a look at.

In different words: they send you the information. And you write up what occurred.

That way, it’s not a guest publish. And the writing is still on your very own voice.

as an example, I worked with Chris Gimmer on this Skyscraper method case have a look at some years back:

Viral Marketing Guide

And that post did fantastic. It introduced in 13,486 traffic in the first month alone.

Viral Marketing traffic

and people shared it on Twitter like loopy:

Viral marketing Twitter shares

20. Create Cool Visuals, Charts, and pictures

you would possibly have noticed that I tend to sprinkle in a handful of custom visuals and charts in each submit.

Visuals and charts in every post

That’s no twist of fate.

i found that these custom visuals get shared round (and linked to) without me needing to hustle with outreach.

as an instance, I asked our fashion designer to create a visual of a web page that’s optimized for voice seek seo.

How to optimize for Google Home

And because this visual enables people understand voice seek seo, plenty of other bloggers have used it in their weblog posts:

Backlinko visual used in other posts

bottom line? encompass 2-3 visuals, charts or mini-infographics in each post. If the post does properly, different bloggers will see your visuals. And a small however enormous percent will use your visuals of their content.

21. Double Down On listing Posts

list posts are a blogging mainstay.

and that they’re now not going anywhere anytime soon.

Our content material look at with BuzzSumo observed that listing posts got more social shares than any other content format:

Average social shares by post type

This makes feel in case you think about it…

human beings love extraordinary tactical tips and procedures that they could use right away.

And a listing submit has a gaggle of those methods on a single web page.

In truth, when I analyzed which posts delivered within the maximum visitors, 4 out of the pinnacle 10 were listing posts.

Four of the top-ten posts were list posts

this is why I’ve published numerous list posts (like this one) over the previous couple of years.

Backlinko – List posts

and that i clearly have a few more list posts in the works proper now.

talking of listing posts…

Bonus #1: begin listing Posts together with your maximum particular Tip

here’s a mistake I see a number of bloggers make with listing posts:

They positioned the maximum critical and helpful tip at the top in their list.

Why is that this a mistake?

nicely, whilst a person lands for your listing submit they’re looking for something new.

so that you need to provide them your most particular method proper off the bat.

So rather than organizing your listing posts like this:

Normal list post layout

prepare them like this:

Ideal list post layout

In other words, start and give up your list with techniques that your reader likely hasn’t seen before.

for instance:

a few years in the past I published this listing publish on the way to get more perspectives on YouTube.

Backlinko – Get YouTube views

And my first tip become a new way to create greater effective thumbnails.

Use BOGY thumbnails

Of all of the things you could probable do to get extra views, is this the maximum critical?

Heck no!

but it’s miles a method that most people haven’t heard of before. Which means that they’ll keep studying.

Then, later in my listing, I outline strategies that make the largest distinction.

Strategies that make a big difference

Bonus #2: upload Tweetable costs on your content

that is an easy manner to get extra people to percentage your content on Twitter.

right here’s how it works:

First, discover a quote out of your put up that’s well worth sharing.

In other phrases: a Tweetable Quote.

A Tweetable quote is a quick, interesting quote that effortlessly fits inner of Twitter’s character limit.

for example, this line in my “eight-Step content material strategy” submit was a Tweetable quote.

Tweetable quote

It had a “click on to Tweet This” link below the quote.

Click to tweet this

(BTW, I made this link using ClickToTweet.Com.)

when a person clicked on that hyperlink, they got a pre-written tweet with that quote.

That’s all there may be to it.

And in case your quote hits a nerve, people WILL share it.

Post quote – Twitter shares

(which include plenty of human beings that wouldn’t have otherwise shared your post.)

And i’m able to tell you from experience that these “bonus stocks” sincerely add up.

What Did you watched?

Now I’d want to hear from you:

Which approach from nowadays’s publish are you going to apply first?

Are you going to put up more list posts? Or depart remarks on other blogs?

either way, permit me realize by means of leaving a comment under proper now.

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